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* [[McMaster Bulk Order|McMaster Bulk Order]]
* [[McMaster Bulk Order|McMaster Bulk Order]]
* [[Mega Arduino Order|Mega Arduino Order]]
* [[Mega Arduino Order|Mega Arduino Order]]
* [[Adafruit Bulk Order]]
=== Facilities ===
=== Facilities ===

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Noisebridge contains several resources that are at the physical space and in virtual space. These are available to both members and the general public. Please add as appropriate. fixme


Project Spaces and Resources

Computer Servers

  • Our Tor server
  • Noisebridge-Greet, our general public internet terminal
  • Pony, a login and file server
  • Zebra, a display unit for the Reverse Engineering Bar
  • Donkey, former display unit for the REBar, now asking to be used
  • s1, a server for production services related to the space
  • Quagga, a development and general use kiosk in the electronics lab
  • Kiang, a kiosk/? system built into a tabletop with a touchscreen

Physical Infrastructure

Access Control

Bulk Orders


Sources for project components

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