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(Copied and formatted from a mail from David Molnar --steen)

Here's what I see needs to be done right now:

1) Identify choices for the overall system architecture Each choice should tell us at a minimum

  • what kind of key cards do we need?
  • what kind of physical lock do we need?
  • what back end hardware do we need to issue new cards, revoke old ones, and do logging?

The choices so far:

  • A) das Labor's AnonAccess system


  • B) Something that uses DESFire cards from NXP (formerly Philips)
  • C) Something that uses IBM's Caernarvon system, as mentioned for example here:


2) Find suppliers, prices for each choice

  • For example, the code for the AnonAccess backend is in a public SVN repository, can be browsed here:


  • This is a site that sells several types of smart cards, including the DESFire cards:


The key point of uncertainty for me is the actual door lock assembly. What exactly do we need here, and how do we install it into the actual door? What does the lock cost?

For example, this data sheet specifically mentions DESFire compatibility, but it does not state a price. We need someone to call these people up and find out the price, figure out if it can fit on our current door, etc. http://www.saltosystems.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=45&Itemid=44

What you can do:

  • Contact the das Labor people and ask them who their suppliers are. We would probably be happy just copying their setup outright. Also ask about their door lock setup.
  • Contact the people with the data sheet above and find out if that lock will work with our door and how much it costs. If it doesn't work, find out if they have a lock that works.
  • Find out what back end software we need or special equipment we need if we go the DESFire route.
  • I have contacted Paul Karger at IBM to ask about Caernarvon. If you happen to find a supplier that can work with us on that option, that'd be cool too.