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The Room

The space under the stairs will be set up as a black and white darkroom. It will be sectioned off from the rest of the space by double curtains that will allow the space to be connected with the bathroom when necessary.


A full black and white darkroom set has been donated and will be brought to the space sometime next week(as noted on ThingsWeHaveToGiveAway) (what specifically is in this set?)

MarkC Has :

  • Easel (11x14)
  • Timer (Digital)
  • Grain Focuser


  • Film chemicals (hc-110, tmax) -MarkC
  • chemicals for super 8 and 16 film development. (who said this? Sign your contribs or login? :-)


Complete darkroom set was donated.

The room is now partially set up - there is an enlarger table and a blackout curtain.

What else does the room need?

- another table for chemical trays

- shelves

- light seal at the top of the curtain

- velcro around the edges of the curtain

- ventilation system


Once the space is set up, I will teach classes on film development, printing, and general darkroom use. I will also be available to help out on a one-on-one basis with anyone who would like to learn.

Expressions of Interest

please add your name here if you're interested in attending a workshop.