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The Electronics Lab is located on the south wall of 2169, straight ahead as you enter the space. It has soldering irons, racks of components, oscilloscopes, multimeters and other electronics related stuff.

There is a Circuit Hacking event every Monday 7pm till late where you can come to learn how to solder or work on your project with expert help available. Or show up any other time to avoid the rush and work on your own!

Awesome equipment that noisebridge has:

  • Weller WMRS surface mount soldering iron - super small tips
  • Hot air rework station - Aoyue Int 2702A+
  • Dozens of cheap soldering irons & holders (for circuit hacking)
  • Multimeters - Vichy VC97 - auto ranging, but slow. There are two more older multimeters as well, but neither is auto ranging.
  • Oscilloscopes - Tektronix 2235 100MHz; EZ Oscilloscope OS-5020 20MHz; JDR Instruments Model 3500 35MHz. All two-channel. Oscillocope introduction (material from Tektronix)
  • logic analyzer - Tektronix 1241
  • frequency generator - Leader LFG 1300S
  • more stuff like Textronix 5A18N Dual Trace Ampl (?), various other old things (at least two ancient o-scopes, an ancient vacuum tube volt meter)
  • Good power supplies - BK Precision 1621A is 0-18V 5Amps; Thandor TS1542S is 0-15V 4Amps; both are two channel.
  • Dozens of labeled bins of components - resistors, caps, diodes, LEDs, fuses, connectors, various chips (please inventory fixme).
  • Extensive collection of small tools - tiny screw drivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, tweezers, solder suckers, solder wick, hot air guns, glue guns, etc.
  • Shrink wrap, breadboards, solderless breadboards, pre-stripped jumper wires, headers, etc.
  • Massive supply of wires - almost any gage in any color available, both stranded and solid core.
  • Huge bins of AC power cords, wall warts, ethernet cables, hackable old electronic items like laptops, etc.



We have a ton of little boards with a PIC16c505 8-bit microcontroller and apparently optical fiber interfaces. It is not known whether the PIC can be reprogrammed. The programmer we would need is an AC124001.


Circuit Hacking Monday

Component Bins

Left Work Bench