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Trash and Recycling

We currently have bins from Sunset Scavenger.

  • 1 small bin for trash
  • 1 large bin for recycling

Trash pickup is Tuesday Night!


Currently most e-waste and electronic recyclers are located down in San Jose but do make free trips up to SF for pickups. Once such company is Environmental Logistics Management & Asset Recovery Services Corporation. They're willing to drop off a 4 ft cube box for us to dump electronics that are no longer salvageable by our members and drop it off at a couple different recycling centers down in the South Bay. Most of the items they pickup end up getting melted down and reused. They try their best at making sure things don't end up in land fills.

rubin110 is currently discussing with them how to setup a bin at Noisebridge to hold stuff till it's filled up for a pickup.

Cleaning Service

Mitch and rubin110 are currently in talks with a group by the name of Home Green Home, a worker-owned natural cleaning cooperative, to come by Noisebridge and do a cleaning on some sort of frequency.


Do your own fucking dishes.