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Weekly Chores

The objective of having weekly chores at Noisebridge is the first minimize the amount of time need to pay for a 3rd party cleaning service to spend here, and secondly to make sure the space is tidy. The idea of having chores in the list doesn't mean that it's ok to be messy, please be excellent to others by cleaning up after yourself.

Feel like helping out Noisebridge? Great! Listed bellow are tasks that can be completed once a week. Pick a task and do it! Sign off when you're done so people don't do it again.


Items sorted in highest priority to lowest.

  • Take out trash - Empty all space cans into the street cans, replaces liners, take the street cans down to the street Monday and/or Thursday night (where applicable/if there's trash)
  • Sweep common spaces floors - Common space, main hall, library, electronics lab.
  • Sweep kitchen, bathroom, classroom floors - Kitchen and both classrooms.
  • Mop common spaces floors - Common space, main hall, library, electronics lab.
  • Mop kitchen, bathroom, classroom floors - Kitchen and both classrooms.
  • Clean bathrooms - Scrub the bowl and the sink, make sure there's soap and tp, empty trash.
  • Clean kitchen - Scrub all work surfaces, return all dishes and cups to kitchen, send out a nasty email if there are unwashed dishes piled around, do remaining dishes because you're a saint.
  • Tidy up work surfaces - Includes 3 work tables (across from the dirty shop and class rooms), coffee tables near the couches, greeting desk, electronic lab main table, library work tables, class room tables, put books back in the library.
  • Gather up chairs - Stools go with tall bar tables, chairs go with short tables, electronics lab and class rooms. Clear off junk from couches.
  • Clean up hack shelf - Make sure all donated hackable items are on the shelf, sort them out so they're easy to get to.
Tasks 1st - 7th 8th - 14th 15th - 21st 22nd - 28th x
Take out trash
Sweep common spaces floors
Sweep kitchen, bathroom, classroom floors
Mop common spaces floors
Mop kitchen, bathroom, classroom floors
Clean bathrooms
Clean kitchen
Tidy up work surfaces
Gather up chairs
Clean up hack shelf



We have a business account with PG&E to provide service to two meters for us.

The master switches for these meters are located in the basement, and are both labeled "3rd Floor". Their meter numbers 6331H5 for the back of the space (east side, away from Mission St.), and 703T78 for the front side (west side, against Mission St). The meters will have these numbers on them as well.

For details on our usage rates and the amount we spend, see Electricity.

Trash and Recycling

We currently have bins from Sunset Scavenger.

Trash pickup is Tuesday and Friday mornings!
Please take the bins out Monday and Thursday nights by midnight as the trash truck comes between 1:30 to 2:30am so we can be sure they're out in time.


Compost, at least according to the SF Department of the Environment definition, is basically any and all food, plus stuff that can biodegrade, like paper towels, coffee grounds, pizza boxes, "Compostable"-labeled plastic, etc.

Compost goes in the green bin.


Recycling, broadly speaking, is non-food-soiled paper, alumin(i)um and tin cans, glass and PET(E) plastic. Please give food-soiled items a brief rinse before dropping them in the bin (food-soiled paper can be composted). For more information on what specific plastics can be recycled curbside in SF, check the Recology website.

  • No plastic bags
  • Styrofoam is not curbside recyclable!

Recycling goes in the blue bin.


Trash is basically everything else not specified above.

Landfill waste goes in the black bin.

Street cans

  • 1 large bin for trash
  • 1 large bin for recycling

Both bins live in the elevator room; please keep them there.

Space cans

The space has four large cans:

  • 2 landfill (black)
  • 1 recycling (blue)
  • 1 compost/food waste (green)

San Francisco mandates that waste be separated into the appropriate bin. Each has a graphical sticker placed on it by the garbage company denoting what is appropriate for which. When in doubt you can try checking the Recology site to see what can go in the blue can or the green can.

When the can gets full please tie off the bag and dump it into the large street cans living in the elevator room. Bag liners can be found in the kitchen, please put one back in the can when done.


Got something that's e-waste? Desktop computer? Monitor? Electronics? Batteries? There's a space in the elevator room for all that. The pile should only be used for Noisebridge items and not a personal dumping ground.

Bay Area Hauling and Recycling

Jaime 415-290-5612

"We Recycle all kind of appliances, metals, auto parts, engines, refrigerators, and water heaters for free." In addition to the above Jaime takes E-waste, and has been very responsive for pickups. He does not take wood.


Kim lives nearby, came by in summer 2011, and works as a recycler for metal and ewaste. Contact her at 2krandolph (at) if you have electronic waste, metal desks, metal shelving, refrigerators, stoves, televisions, cell phones, and so on that need to be picked up.

Environmental Logistics Management

Environmental Logistics Management & Asset Recovery Services Corporation does free picks up of 30lb or more. If you feel that the pile is large enough for a pick up, please go to their site and schedule a pickup then email the list stating the date and time.

Cleaning Service

Skyline Building Care used to come by once a month. Service was cancelled in November.

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