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Trash and Recycling

Street cans

We currently have bins from Sunset Scavenger.

  • 1 large bin for trash
  • 1 large bin for recycling

Both bins live in the elevator room, please keep them there.

Trash pickup is Monday Night!

Space cans

The space has three large cans, 2 for garbage and 1 for recycling. The recycling one is marked. When the can gets full please tie off the bag and dump it into the large street cans living in the elevator room. Bag liners can be found in the kitchen, please put one back in the can when done.


Got something that's e-waste? Desktop computer? Monitor? Electronics? Batteries? There's a space in the elevator room for all that. The pile should only be used for Noisebridge items and not a personal dumping ground.

Environmental Logistics Management & Asset Recovery Services Corporation does free picks up of 30lb or more. If you feel that the pile is large enough for a pick up, please go to their site and schedule a pickup then email the list stating the date and time.

Cleaning Service

Mitch and rubin110 are currently in talks with a group by the name of Home Green Home, a worker-owned natural cleaning cooperative, to come by Noisebridge and do a cleaning on some sort of frequency.


Do your own fucking dishes.

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