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Our excellent library


Noisebridge has a lot of them, they're mostly sorted, mostly sitting on our South wall shelf.


The books are currently for the most part sorted thanks to Al. Proposed systems to help keep the books mostly organized:

  • Color code or number shelves and books. Books that belong on the "Yellow" shelf will have a yellow sticker on it.
  • Leave it chaos
  • bar codes or QR codes or library of congress index numbers

Library Catalog

A library catalog system for Noisebridge would be awesome! Here are some requirements, adding items to this list doesn't actually mean anything.

High Priority

  • Open source software with a nice license that wont fuck us over in the future.
  • Web based.
  • Quickly add books to the library via ISBN or bar code scan.
  • Book search returns the last known location of a book (such as "Green Shelf" or "Book Case 8").
  • Books can have a checked out status in addition to its last known location, date of check out should be displayed.
  • Users can check out books without the need to register, as in when they check out a book it'll ask for a name and email, blank entries should be allowed as anonymous.
  • Users who leave an email address will get a reminder email with a list of books they have checked out once a week.

Low Priority

  • Integration with
  • Book search returns results with descriptions and a cover scraped from some other part of the internet.
  • Library database in an open format to easily export later on.
  • Ability to use a barcode scanner.

Possible Solutions