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LIBRARY WORKING GROUP is a group working on the library.

Current Goals

  • Curate and expand the offerings of dead tree books at Noisebridge.
  • Identify categories of books people are interested in
  • Replace outdated books with current best books available in desired categories
  • Make lists of desired books in desired categories
  • Identify routes for acquiring books and funding

Desired Category Suggestions & Curators

  • Python & python use categories (curated by robbintt)
  • C# & Game Development (curated by lxpk)
  • Math (joe n)

Routes for books and funding

  • Bill at NoStarch already donates

Enhancement Proposals

  • Create a list of suggested eBook sources
  • Create Station Bookcases with literature to help people use the tools at the station
  • Create a Station Start Here instructions list referring to the Wiki page and/or books in the bookcase with more information.
  • Library map showing where the bookcases are at their stations

Working Group Participants

  • Trent robbintt
  • Alex lxpk empowerthyself AT
  • Patrick patrickod
  • Harry morenoh149
  • Naomi nthmost
  • pemulis