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There is an external status monitor at status.noisebridge.net. If something is wrong with the network at 2169 Mission, you should contact an admin.

The Ops personnel can be reached by calling (650) 248-2445 24/7.

It's 2 AM And The Admins Are Asleep

If no admin responds within a reasonable period of time (say, an hour), take matters into your own hands and send mail to noisebridge-discuss with answers to the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What happened?
  • When did the problem begin? (If you were able to find out.)
  • When was the problem noticed?
  • When did it get fixed?
  • What did you do to fix it? Please err on the side of too much detail rather than not enough.

Please try to observe the guidelines for network maintenance, but use your Most Excellent Judgment if something there doesn't seem to apply.


Dynamic DNS is provided by the volcano machine for DHCP clients on Resolution of machines with static addresses is done by ipv4 or ipv6 mDNS.

Wireless networks

The following networks are active at 2169 now:

  • 2169 Mission - No encryption, NATted via the speakeasy link.


Network Devices & Services

2169 Mission

Interim Configuration

There is a sonic.net Fusion ADSL2+ DSL connection in the building. The physical circuit comes in from the MPOE in the basement and runs across the roof of the basement and up the side of the building into the DJ booth. The CPE is a Motorola 2210 ADSL2+. The admin password is the serial number, written on the bottom.

The addressing configuration is a little unusual. It's and we've been allocated a /29 within that block: Note that we get to use all 8 addresses; the broadcast and network address are and respectively. The gateway is

The default CPE settings are not correct for our circuit configuration. From a factory reset, do the following to configure the CPE:

  1. Configure a computer for
  2. Connect the computer to the DSL CPE.
  3. Power cycle the DSL CPE.
  4. Connect to using your web browser.
  5. You will be prompted to set a password, use the serial number on the bottom of the DSL CPE.
  6. Get into expert mode.
  7. Under configure->connections, set the following:
    1. VPI: 0
    2. VCI: 35
    3. Protocol: Bridged Ethernet LLC/SNAP
    4. Bridging: on
  8. Under configure->DHCP server, set the following:
    1. DHCP Server Enabled: unchecked
  9. Save and reboot.

Motorola 2210 User Guide


The router is a WRT54G running OpenWRT. Its wireless interface is disabled. Its WAN address is and its LAN address is

DHCP and DNS services are being provided by the Volcano laptop.

Address Allocations

The reserved address allocations are:

We have a range within the class C. 75.101.62.{88..95}

  • .88 - Soekris router
  • .89 - pony
  • .90 - s1
  • .91 - Unallocated
  • .92 - Unallocated
  • .93 - Unallocated
  • .94 - Unallocated
  • .95 - Unallocated

  • .1 - Soekris router
  • .2 - pony
  • .3 - volcano
  • .4 - voltron
  • .5 - AP1
  • .6 - AP2
  • .8 - Dell switch
  • .11 - s1

Other uplink possibilities

  • Local wifi link (TBD - no current ETA on install)
We need an antenna and a wifi access point that will uplink to our core switch (we need one of those too)
  • Metro fiber
    • jof called IPN for a rough estimate for construction of fiber to 83c. The sales representative's estimate would be between 90,000USD - 100,000USD for the initial buildout.
  • Sonic.net ADSL2
We're on the waiting list for 18Mb/1Mb ADSL2
 Sometime in the next year service will be available in San Francisco.
  • WiMax
Currently this hasn't been very seriously researched 
  • SFLan

We may have line of sight to a node if we can bounce off of a local building. This hasn't been seriously researched. We may want to try to get roof access for antennas and should talk to our very quiet neighbors.

I was contacted by Matt Peterson about connecting. I would be happy to do a site survey to see if you can hit the SFLAN or City wirless deployment from the Valencia Gardens development. That could get you 40Mb/s up and down. - Tim Pozar