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The network is up:

<radii> we are fucking ONLINE
<radii> coming to you live from 83C

Uplinks (24Mb/5Mb currently via Comcast)

  • Comcast Cable (Only internet, no voice or tv service)
    • Service is now live at 83C.
    • $66.95 per month (After taxes COD at time of install is $169.21) - $3 modem rental per month
    • No contract!
    • Link speed is ~24Mbit down / ~5Mbit up. More testing during different times of the day would be useful.
    • Wonderful quote from the service representative when asked about network filtering: "The network is filtered. Dynamic ips. Constantly flowing. Upgrading to static is possible through the business department."
    • The direct line for the person who took the order is 1-925-349-3300 x644201
    • Our confirmation number for this order is: 503691
  • Speakeasy DSL (On a dry pair - Ordered for the (415) 864 area)
    • Service has been delivered and installed at 83c
    • Modem acts as a bridge straight into Speakeasy and comes with 1 static IP, 4 more for $20 per month.
      • Currently
    • $105.95 per month - ($99.00 install fee, first month free, hardware included - Paid by Jake)
    • Link speed: 6Mb down and 768k up
    • 12 month contract (25 day trial period), $300 fee if canceled in contract but outside of stated trial period.
    • 1 static ip included
    • The direct line for the person (Michelle) who took the order is 1-877-240-4821
    • In the future, we can upgrade the DSL to the following:
      • Kinda fast 8Mb down and 768k up. 149.95 per month. Hardware and inbstall waved.
      • Super fast 10Mb and 1Mb up. 179.95 per month. Hardware and install waved.
  • Local wifi link (TBD - no current ETA on install)
We need an antenna and a wifi access point that will uplink to our core switch (we need one of those too)
  • Metro fiber
Can someone research this? IP Networks is probably the company to call.
  • ADSL2
We're on the waiting list for 18Mb/1Mb ADSL2
 Sometime in the next year service will be available in San Francisco.
  • WiMax
Currently this hasn't been very seriously researched 
  • SFLan
We may have line of sight to a node if we can bounce off of a local building. This hasn't been seriously researched. We may want to try to get roof access for antennas and should talk to our very quiet neighbors.


  • Currently jof has configured a Soekris net4801 with pfSense (FreeBSD firewall distro) running NAT to several ports and a WRT54g
    • Passwords to both devices are in an envelope in the closet in the fishbowl. Or if you are known within the group, ping jof
  • Jake has donated a FON La Fonera router that has been liberated with a fresh DD-WRT install.
  • A Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex 2942 access point.
    • Takes an 802.1q trunk (with POE!) over a single Cat5/6 cable, and can take up to 8 802.1q tags and broadcast an SSID for each tag. -- jof 00:51, 4 October 2008 (PDT)


Older topology, does not include cisco box or ruckus AP
  • External IP is assigned via DHCP from Comcast on the Soekris box.
    • Soekris is now updating a DynDNS domain for the WAN IP - -- jof 20:16, 3 October 2008 (PDT)
    • should CNAME here as well.
    • If modifying later, beware that Comcast will now only hand out a DHCP lease requested from 00:0A:E4:32:44:6E
  • Internal subnet is
    • Soekris box is at
    • Linksys AP is at
    • Cisco Router is at
    • Ruckus AP (on 12th Ethernet port PoE)
  • There are some existing Ethernet segments that you can patch into. If it has a number written in black marker on the outlet, this number corresponds to the outlet on the patch panel in the fishbowl closet.

Proposed wireless networks

Currently, we have a single wireless network with the ESSID of "noisebridge" and it merely routes to the upstream NAT. For the future, I propose the following networks in addition to the aforementioned legacy network:

  • noisebridge-sweden (All traffic on this network is routed through Relakks - ideal for people who accidentally share files)
    • Routed through 802.1q trunk on VLAN #21
  • noisebridge-germany (All traffic on this network is routed through Germany thanks to our friends in the CCC!)
    • On VLAN #31
  • noisebridge-ipv6 (a pure ipv6 network, experience the net of the future, today in the past)
    • On VLAN #41
  • noisebridge-insecure (totally open - no crypto on the network, QoS, etc)
    • On VLAN #11
  • noisebridge-anonymous (An (fully transparent) anonymous wifi network using Tor)
    • On VLAN #51
  • noisebridge-crypto (Rotating keys or certs for paranoid users)
    • On VLAN #61
  • noisebridge-local (a totally local wifi network that isn't routing to the net at all)
    • On VLAN #71
Easily possible with one AP (The Ruckus 2942 we had donated), a managed switch, and a little cleverness :) -- JSharp 00:31, 5 October 2008 (PDT)