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The network is up:

<radii> we are fucking ONLINE
<radii> coming to you live from 83C

Uplinks (24Mb/5Mb currently via Comcast)

  • Comcast Cable (Only internet, no voice or tv service)
    • Service is now live at 83C.
    • $66.95 per month (After taxes COD at time of install is $169.21) - $3 modem rental per month
    • No contract!
    • Link speed is ~24Mbit down / ~5Mbit up. More testing during different times of the day would be useful.
    • Wonderful quote from the service representative when asked about network filtering: "The network is filtered. Dynamic ips. Constantly flowing. Upgrading to static is possible through the business department."
    • The direct line for the person who took the order is 1-925-349-3300 x644201
    • Our confirmation number for this order is: 503691
  • Speakeasy DSL (On a dry pair - Ordered for the (415) 864 area)
    • Service has been delivered and installed at 83c
    • Modem acts as a bridge straight into Speakeasy and comes with 1 static IP, 4 more for $20 per month.
      • Currently
    • $105.95 per month - ($99.00 install fee, first month free, hardware included - Paid by Jake)
    • Link speed: 6Mb down and 768k up
    • 12 month contract (25 day trial period), $300 fee if canceled in contract but outside of stated trial period.
    • 1 static ip included
    • The direct line for the person (Michelle) who took the order is 1-877-240-4821
    • In the future, we can upgrade the DSL to the following:
      • Kinda fast 8Mb down and 768k up. 149.95 per month. Hardware and inbstall waved.
      • Super fast 10Mb and 1Mb up. 179.95 per month. Hardware and install waved.
  • Local wifi link (TBD - no current ETA on install)
We need an antenna and a wifi access point that will uplink to our core switch (we need one of those too)
  • Metro fiber
Can someone research this? IP Networks is probably the company to call.
  • ADSL2
We're on the waiting list for 18Mb/1Mb ADSL2
 Sometime in the next year service will be available in San Francisco.
  • WiMax
Currently this hasn't been very seriously researched 
  • SFLan
We may have line of sight to a node if we can bounce off of a local building. This hasn't been seriously researched. We may want to try to get roof access for antennas and should talk to our very quiet neighbors.


  • Currently jof has configured a Soekris net4801 with pfSense (FreeBSD firewall distro) running NAT to several ports and a WRT54g
    • Passwords to both devices are in an envelope in the closet in the fishbowl. Or if you are known within the group, ping jof
  • Jake has donated a FON La Fonera router that has been liberated with a fresh DD-WRT install.
  • A Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex 2942 access point.
    • Takes an 802.1q trunk (with POE!) over a single Cat5/6 cable, and can take up to 8 802.1q tags and broadcast an SSID for each tag. -- jof 00:51, 4 October 2008 (PDT)


Older topology, does not include cisco box or ruckus AP
  • External IP is assigned via DHCP from Comcast on the Soekris box.
    • Soekris is now updating a DynDNS domain for the WAN IP - -- jof 20:16, 3 October 2008 (PDT)
    • should CNAME here as well.
    • If modifying later, beware that Comcast will now only hand out a DHCP lease requested from 00:0A:E4:32:44:6E
  • Internal subnet is
    • Soekris box is at
    • Linksys AP is at
    • Cisco Router is at
    • Ruckus AP (on 12th Ethernet port PoE)
  • There are some existing Ethernet segments that you can patch into. If it has a number written in black marker on the outlet, this number corresponds to the outlet on the patch panel in the fishbowl closet.

Name Service (DNS)

Internal machines (with NAT addresses in have names in the `.noise` pseudo-TLD. These names are managed on the Soekris in `/etc/hosts` (NOT in a zone file).

Proposed wireless networks

Currently, we have a single wireless network with the ESSID of "noisebridge" and it merely routes to the upstream NAT. For the future, I propose the following networks in addition to the aforementioned legacy network:

  • noisebridge-sweden (All traffic on this network is routed through Relakks - ideal for people who accidentally share files)
    • Routed through 802.1q trunk on VLAN #21
  • noisebridge-germany (All traffic on this network is routed through Germany thanks to our friends in the CCC!)
    • On VLAN #31
  • noisebridge-ipv6 (a pure ipv6 network, experience the net of the future, today in the past)
    • On VLAN #41
  • noisebridge-insecure (totally open - no crypto on the network, QoS, etc)
    • On VLAN #11
  • noisebridge-anonymous (An (fully transparent) anonymous wifi network using Tor)
    • On VLAN #51
  • noisebridge-crypto (Rotating keys or certs for paranoid users)
    • On VLAN #61
  • noisebridge-local (a totally local wifi network that isn't routing to the net at all)
    • On VLAN #71
Easily possible with one AP (The Ruckus 2942 we had donated), a managed switch, and a little cleverness :) -- JSharp 00:31, 5 October 2008 (PDT)