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Rubin110 surveryed the situation. The whole of the glass wall in front of him was completely covered with boob. Mitch's nipples must have been 3 inches thick , and 5 inches long now. Her aereola were over 14 inches across each. Suddenyly, there seemed to be a change going on. Mitch's breasts seemed to contract in a way. They got less soft, and started to firm up and try to attain their natural shape. The shower wall started to groan, like a ship that was going down. That popping, creaking sound you always hear in movies.

Mitch could barely process the feelings she was experiencing. Her breasts were going through their "plumping stage" as she called it, and the pressure on all sides of her seemed to suddenly start multiplying many fold. She could feel that her letdown was coming, and soon she was past the point of no return, getting pulled inexorably towards the edge of the waterfall.

"NOOOO!!!! I'M NOT READY YET!!!!" Mitch screamed.

Rubin110 didn't know what she meant for a moment, then he started to see what was happening. Milk was seeping out from Mitch's nipples, he could see it through the glass. Mitch was upset because the wall hadn't given up yet.

Crack!!! Rubin110 nearly jumped out of his skin at the sound, The pane of plexi that made up the shower door had cracked near thigh level. The door was bowing out, and about 6 inches or so of breast flesh was forcing it's was through the opening. Rubin110 could see that the main wall was bowed out about 6 inches or more along the line between Mitch's nipples. It had to be nearly ready to go he though.

Mitch was nearly despondent. She wanted this to work so badly. It was irrational, she knew that, but it just was. She couldn't question it any more. Her letdown reaction was starting, and she wasn't done with her task yet. She felt herself start to fall over the edge of that waterfall, and just as she was reaching the edge, where that greatest rush happens, something changed. She was suspended right there on the edge, in ecstacy, but not falling through it. She didn't know what was happening, but it was a mind blowingly good feeling. Her breasts felt like they were similtaniously on fire, and flowing with endless amounts of milk that quenched those flames. A perfect ying and yang of orgasmic energies.

Mitch was too far gone to realize it, but the huge pressure built up by her breast's drive to achieve their natural shape had sealed her nipples to the front wall so tightly that her milk couldn't escape if it wanted to. From Rubin110's perspective he could see that milk was indeed leaking around that seal, and shooting out at high pressure like a water pipe leaking in a submarine that's just suffered a near miss from a depth charge. The leakage wasn't as much as Mitch was still taking in though.

Crack! finally a crack formed in the wall of the shower. It was a spider-web crack, centered on Mitch's left nipple. With a sound like 10,000 plastic bottles being crushed in a giant trash compactor, the crack slowly started to expand. Mitch was positively thrashing around behind all of that boobage, clearly in a state that most humans never experience. Her brain was overloaded with feelings of intense pleasure, as she experienced a tremendous, and seemingly endless letdown reaction, on top of an orgasm to end all orgasms.

PING!! Another spiderweb crack formed, this time centered on her right nipple. What was that old cliche again?

The sound now was nearly deafening. Rubin110 backed away and to the side, and just in time.


the wall gave way with a thundrous crash, and Mitch's otherworldly breasts fired into the room with the force of a small bomb going off.

"ANGEL!!!" Rubin110 rushed over to get to Mitch as soon as the threat was clear, only to be greeted by a spray of milk so powerfull it nearly blinded him. The milk was spraying against the mirrored wall so hard it created a back-spray that formed an intense mist.

Rubin110 could hear Mitch screaming, and he turned toward the screem only to run into a wall of boob armpit high on him. Not to be detered, Rubin110 lauched himself up onto Mitch's mountainous right breast, only to find is was so slick with milk and soap that he slid right down into her monumental cleavage, head first. He started to slide down into a that bottomless chasm, only to find it wasn't bottomless. His head popped out into an air space near the bottom, his impossible hard erection, so violent it literally hurt by this point, jammed into Mitch's breast as if he was poking her with a really thick broom handle. Rubin110 turned to his side so he could slide through, and fell to the floor. He could barely breath under here, and realized this wasn't a sustainable situation, so he turned and fought his way to a sitting position, with the intent to stand. From the sitting position, he couldn't breath at all, and as he scrabbled to get his feet under him, he felt himself getting light headed. He reached desperately for the sky with his hands over his head, trying to stand, but he simply could get his feet under him. They kept sliding on the milky soapy floor. As he approached blackout, a thought passed his mind. Not exactly how he would have guessed he would die, but as dying goes, this one had to be somewhere near the top of the list. Finally, just as he was about to pass out, a hand grasped his own, and pulled him up to air.

It was Mitch of course. She could feel him squirming in there, and had thrust her hand in to try to help. The little help she could offer was all he needed to get his feet under him, and he found himself standing shoulder high in boobs. The sound of rushing water, or rather milk was tremendous, and he was staring into the bewilderingly green eyes of his soulmate, who was obviously on some other mental plane at this point.

Mitch could feel everything happening to her, but somehow Rubin110's situation snapped her into a different mental state for a moment. Everything felt extraordinarily brilliant. Light was brighter, smell was stronger, touch and taste were amplified to the nth degree, but somehow hearing was almost muted. She looked into Rubin110's blue eyes, and realized all she wanted.

"Come to me lover." She said with a strange otherworldly calm.

She reached out her arm, and helped Rubin110 wade through the canyon of her cleavage until he was right up against her. She could feel the heat of his impossibly huge errection against her lower stomach.

Mitch reach forward as far as she could wih beaconing lips, and their lips came together like an explosion, then his tongue followed like the flames that follow it. Both of their worlds ceased to exist outside of the feelings of their neathers, mouths, hands, and in Mitch's case especially her breasts. It was like the original trip down the rabbit hole with the cure, only better as she was in control this time, and she got to bring her best friend in the world along for the ride. Mitch reached down into her cleavage, and guided Rubin110's impossibly swollen member to the promised land.

Everything went white, and hot and molten. Time desolved, and all was right with the world.

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Network Troubleshooting

Are you having issues with the internet or local network? Check out the Network Troubleshooting page for more information on what you can do to make things better or possibly seek help.


Please note that Noisebridge does not guarantee or provide a perfect secure experience in the space. Just like anywhere else in the world you're held responsible for your own safety and wellbeing. This also includes content you receive or transmit or provide through any mediums, such as through pen and paper, sound waves or any networks wired or wireless functioning in the space. Noisebridge is a volunteer run and operated space that provides you with infrastructure, which you use at your own risk.

Free Public Wireless Networks

Noisebridge has two open wifi networks available for your use. In most cases if you connect to the network Noisebridge your laptop/phone/device will have the best luck getting crystal clear wifi and roam between radio channels according to which provides the most reliable and fastest connection.

The wifi and internet provided is for public use. Like any public network, you should regard Noisebridge's as potentially hostile and take appropriate precautions. In order to not give the impression of providing false security, Noisebridge does not run any encrypted wifi networks.

The following networks are active:

  • Noisebridge
    • No password
    • Uplink through Monkeybrains gigabit laser
    • 802.11an 5 gHz only
  • Noisebridge
    • No password
    • Uplink through Monkeybrains gigabit laser
    • 802.11an 2.4 gHz only

Wired network

There are drops throughout the space. They are labeled with the corresponding number on the patch panel. Please don't destroy them (lol).

Local Network Address Information

DHCP is offered automatically on the network, if that doesn't work for you here's some more static information...

  • IP Range:
  • Gateway:
  • Subnet: (a "slash" /23)
  • DNS:,,,

Dynamic DNS is provided by the router for DHCP clients on which also provides name resolution of some local machines.


Network Devices & Services

2169 Mission

Inkscape SVG diagram of physical layer connections


Monkeybrains Wireless Link

We have a point-to-point wireless link to Monkeybrains on the roof, it's a gigabit laser, think of fiber without the physical medium of glass. It is wired into the Monkeybrains NEMA box on the roof, and from there into our own NEMA box in which we house a managed switch. From there the cable enters into the space through the ladder chute in the fox lounge and runs to the rack where it enters the switchboard at port 48. Port 48 is a second redundant run that follows the same path from the rack back to our NEMA box for future projects.

SFBroadband / City of SF / Internet Archive

NB: As of September 2017 this section is out of date. If you're interested in reviving this radio link hit up Patrick

We have a wireless point-to-point path up to Twin Peaks that connects up to a city-owned and volunteer-run IP transit network. Currently, we're hitting the dish off of the side and have a pretty terrible connection. For now, this network path is mostly only usable as a backup path.

There is a router in our wireless CPE hardware (st01-noisebridge-sfo) that connects up to the Noisebridge network and terminates as on the "Inside / Internal" network. Set your default route via this IP to try the other path.

I want to help!

Noisebridge is run by volunteers, you're welcome to help but should get to know those helping first before touching/hacking the network gear. Try introducing yourself on the [rack mailing list].


Biketrailer is our humble router. It is an Ubiquiti Edgerouter 5-port box running EdgeOS, a fork of Vyatta (a Linux-based router distribution). While the router does provide PoE, it is non-standard passive Ubiquiti PoE which you should avoid using.

The machines currently provides

  * NAT
  * DNS (dnsmasq) - .noise local TLD and recursive proxy

Access is via SSH with keys and a https web interface.

Address Allocations

WAN - Monkeybrains

  • Network range:
  • Gateway:
  • DNS:,
  • Subnet Mask:


  • - - biketrailer offering some port forawrding
  • - roof switch
  • - unused (previous: mode/s receiver)
  • - zeppelin
  • - - pegasus 1 to 1 NAT

LAN - - 0.100 Statically address services

Note: This is not a /24 subnet! The netmask is a /23.

  • - biketrailer
  • - earl
  • - West-AP
  • - Church-AP
  • - Central-AP
  • - pegasus
  • - noisebridge-printer-brother
  • - noisebridgebbs
  • - flaschen-taschen / ft.noise
  • - noisebridge-kiosk-1 / noiseboard
  • - square (Noisesquare table)
  • - bookcase (LEDs on the library bookcase)
  • - zeppelin
  • - Dell PowerConnect 2848 switch in rack
  • - Open Lighting Controller (Hackitorium)
  • - QLC+ Lighting Controller - 1.199

  • DHCP-assigned, user-access IP space - 1.254

  • Available for adhoc manual IP address configurations.


We would like to setup IPv6, some day.

Machine Rack

The rack sits on the South wall, it's small and up high to discourage people from messing with it or installing things in it. The internet works, please leave the box alone.

Can I install/setup boxes on Noisebridge's network?

Short answer


Long answer

Noisebridge is here to provide infrastructure for creative projects. We're really good at some things. One thing we suck at is administrating boxes setup on our network. They eat power, internet, the attention span of volunteers, and people who set them up generally are bad at communicating later on down the line when something breaks or a machine magically appears.

Noisebridge network infrastructure policy is as such:

  • Critical infrastructure machines (like our access control system): Low power ok!
  • Machines for classes that cannot be hosted on the internet: Low power ok!
  • Personal machines: NO!
  • High power machines: NO!
  • Bitcoin miners: NO!
  • Torrent boxes: NO!
  • Everything else: NO!

If a machine gets setup on the network without first getting an ok from the rack list, it will be unplugged and thrown in the trash. Please don't host your box at Noisebridge. We can't afford it. Thanks for understanding.

Rack setup

  • Patch panel
  • Shitty Fucked Dell 48 port switch
  • Pegasus
  • Shelf with Biketrailer and POE injectors
  • Shelf with random RaspberryPis for projects
  • Speaker amp
  • Power strip
  • UPS
  • juul's banana pi storage server (two harddrives with heat-sinks strapped to a banana pi)

People's Open Network

There are several nodes from the People's Open Network located at Noisebridge.

Nodes administered by sudo mesh

Here is a link to sudo mesh.

For info/assistance with these nodes you can contact or ask on on freenode IRC (try highlighting juul).

There is a Western Digital My Net N600 (configured as a people's open net home node) mounted on the ceiling close to the pillar by the library (NBiblioteca). It is black with white sides and held to the ceiling by two red straps. This node is announcing the following SSIDs:

  • " 📡☠️": On 2.4 GHz channel 6. No password. All traffic routed through the sudo mesh VPN. Bandwidth limited to 50 mbits/sec.
  • " 📡☠️ fast": On 5 GHz channel 157. No password. All traffic routed through the sudo mesh VPN. Bandwidth limited to 50 mbits/sec.
  • "admin 📡☠️": On 2.4 channel 6. Has password. Not VPN'ed or bandwidth limited. Used to manage the node.
  • "admin 📡☠️": On 2.4 channel 6 and 5 GHz channel 157. Has password. Not VPN'ed or bandwidth limited. Used to manage the node.
  • "": Ad-hoc mode for meshing. On 2.4 channel 6 and 5 GHz channel 157. No password. Uses babeld for meshing. Talk to sudo mesh for details.

The My Net N600 gives out IPs on the range which is within the wider People's Open Network range from 100.64.x.x-100.128.x.x

The My Net N600 is connected to the switch above the main hacking tables (the one that has the braid of multicolored ethernet cables coming out of it) using a normal ethernet cable. This is where it gets is internet. Another ethernet cable runs from the node to behind the bottom of the indoor roof ladder where it connects to the non-powered port on a PoE injector. From the powered port on the PoE a grounded and shielded outdoor cable travels to the roof where it connects to a NanoStation M2 pointing east which is broadcasting:

  • "": Ad-hoc mode for meshing. On 2.4 GHz channel 1. No password. Uses babeld for meshing. Talk to sudo mesh for details.
  • " noisebridge": Access point (master) mode. On 2.4 GHz channel 1. No password.

The NanoStation M2 is connected using its PoE passthrough ethernet port to a NanoBridge M5, which is mounted on a pole next to it. Currently the passthrough is not enabled and that NanoBridge is off. This is because the PoE injector needs to be upgraded to a beefier unit that can power both the NanoStation and the NanoBridge at the same time.

Nodes administered by Max B

The following was written by juul who was not part of installing any of this gear nor does he have admin access (I'm just writing what I'm seeing).

There is a Ubiquiti Bullet (not sure if M2 or M5) mounted out on the fire escape balcony with a high gain omni-directional antenna attached. This is connected via an outdoor shielded and grounded cable up over the side of the building and to a Western Digital My Net (N600 or N750, not sure) which is located in the metal box with the padlock on it. This node is not administered by sudo mesh. It is administered by Max B who is on the Noisebridge Slack.