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Dr. Jesus is running a project to use the endowment from OSDN/VA/geeknet to provide trade union style resources to Noisebridge members with a career in system and network administration.


  • Provide useful technical services to peer non-profit organizations.
  • Provide members with a constructive outlet for operational talent.
  • Provide practical, hands-on operations training services to members and the general public.
  • Provide development services for ops-related open source projects.
  • Represent the interests of the operational community to the general public.


Noisebridge has possession of many, many computers from OSDN and other donors. About the first third of the machines have been colocated in Redwood City. Two cabinets of machines have been set up and are connected to the Internet. Talk to one of the people involved with the project to request access and/or volunteer for an ops shift or mentoring duty.

Colocation for other Noisebridge projects is available for a limited number of machines subject to the following conditions:

  • Servers must be used for non-commercial purposes only.
  • Services which do not have a reason to occupy an entire server are not allowed. Such services can be containerized instead.
  • Reliable ops contacts must be available for each server.
  • Bandwidth commitment is 1Mbit 95th percentile per month. Going over this may result in being rate limited and/or suddenly disconnected from the network without warning.
  • Equipment must be tagged with the organization's name, email and telephone number, and a unique ID number (serial number is fine). Tags must have text at least 1/4" (6mm) high, be in English, and must be on the front AND back of the machine. Tags must also be visible within the two 45 degree cones with their points at the center of the front and back plates of the machine.
  • For remote hands warranty support, I need the warranty data or the donor contact information.
  • If you want remote power switching, you can either provide your own 1U power switch or pay $10 / month into the ISP fund supporting this facility. Otherwise, remote reset is on a best effort basis.
  • Please provide a procedure and installation media for remote installation if you want fast turnaround on a reinstallation.
  • Any serial ports to be connected to the serial concentrator must have a Cisco style RJ-45 pinout.
  • Either 110V or 220V power can be provided, but power supplies must have an IEC C14 connector or an adapter so it can accept a C13 power cable.
  • If you need remote hands / crash cart support, please ensure the machine has either 1) VGA and USB keyboard ports, 2) VGA and PS/2 keyboard ports, or 3) serial console. For ADA reasons (one of the administrators is essentially blind), consoles must be configured to be text only.