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SEARS 1/3 HP 10" Bandsaw

What's the model number? Not on the case: all it says is Sears Craftsman?

Looks like blade length depends on model:

From the Bandsaw case: 56 7/8ths inch long blade, 1/4 or 1/8th inches wide

Discount Builder Supply (14th and Mission street) carries Vermont 59 1/2" blades

For replacement blades we need high tooth count (at least greater than 10 TPI) for cutting things other than wood (plastic, circuit boards, sheet metal).

just a shop safety note regarding cutting metal in stationary tools... the shavings that come off the metal piece being cut (yes, even aluminum) are HOT. In a stationary tool that has been used on wood, there is typically a nice big thick bed of sawdust inside the tool. When the metal shavings fall into this bed of sawdust, an awesome smoldery fire can build up sight unseen inside of the tool. yay! Especially if you have a dust collection system you can get some pretty spectacular results this way.

Just wanted to make sure that people are aware of this phenomenon. When possible it is best to have two separate dedicated tools... and/or if one is going to be transfered over into metal service the inside should be vacuumed out first, and/or the operator should check inside the machine when they are done.

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