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==2169 update==
#REDIRECT [[Resources/House Keeping]]
What are the procedures for taking our the trash at the new space? Can someone in the know please update this page. fixme
Taking out the Trash / Garbage / Recycling
There is a trash bin and a recycle bin in the kitchen. If either is full, please take out the trash.
There are garbage bags of the correct size, which are clear and Kirkland branded. They are in the cabinet to the left of the kitchen sink. There should be signage "How To Take Out The Trash" on the wall by the trash cans.
Tie a small knot after folding the top over the edge of the garbage can and they won't fall in.
If the recycle bin is full, you can stand outside and flag down someone with a shopping cart collecting cans and bottles. They'll happily relocate your recyclables to a center.

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