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Asheesh plans to set up VoIP, but until then has provided a cell phone. See The Space for the current contact info.

adi prepaid for a voicepulse account for Noisebridge that never went anywhere; that account is available for use.


  • Some members have expressed a desire to setup a payphone out front of 83C that can make free calls using VoIP to anywhere, but some members have raised objections that said phone outside would be too much of a liability and suggested it move inside.
  • An awesome old red payphone was donated on Dec. 9th. NBers quickly got to work opening it up and figuring it out. It's missing some bits and but will be put into operation soon enough.

Land line

For safety it would be good to have a single land line that can call 911 and doesn't depend on having power or Internet access. Could we do this? Schoen 00:48, 4 October 2008 (PDT)