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There's an ongoing problem with people sleeping at Noisebridge. This is a practice which is unacceptable to varying degrees depending on whom you ask. Although there is no clear consensus on how to deal with this, it is clear that some of the sleeping behavior is not excellent. But in the middle of the night, social pressure to be excellent wanes, and this is largely the only tool Noisebridge has for enforcing the One Rule. The Rooster Brigade is an observational effort to understand the nocturnal underbelly of the Noisebridge community and hopefully disseminate excellence beyond the midnight hour.

The Rooster Brigade maintains no official policy on how to wake or interact with people who are sleeping at Noisebridge. The only rule at Noisebridge is Be Excellent.

Possible Members of the Brigade

Rooster Log

  • October 6 - Dec 15
    • Laurent. Found daily in classroom and in laser engraver DJ booth. Sleeps in either one or two office chairs with legs propped on second chair.
  • January 16 - January 31
    • Daily forced wake up of everyone sleeping at Noisebridge by Katherine at 6:30 am. Number of sleepers drops dramatically during this period
  • February 1 - Present
    • Daily wake up now additionally enforced by throwing out people who do not wake on the first try by Katherine. Several people removed. This has been daily at 6:30 am.
  • 02/03/12
    • 9 people appear to be crashing at Noisebridge. Eric took some notes with basic descriptions and a few first names.
  • 02/04/12
  • 02/05/12
    • A guy named John who sometimes sleeps at Noisebridge (Ben has photographed him) was removed by Ben, Rayc and another guy after becoming violent and threatening people in the space. He was picked up outside by the police.
    • Eric asked one person in the morning not to sleep at Noisebridge. Update: talked more with her that evening. She said that she once objected to someone waking a sleeper because she had just given the sleeper in question a massage on the couch and they had dozed off. It was 4 or 5 in the morning at the time. I suggested that 4am bodywork which leads to sleeping should be done at someone's house, because sleeping in the space is a really touchy issue right now.
  • 02/06/12
    • Eric kicked out another one of "Amber's minions" who was crashed out in a chair less than an hour after arriving in the space.
  • 02/07/12
    • User:Malaclyps popped by at 7AM. A bunch of people were sitting around really trying hard not to fall asleep, but not able to do much else. I smiled kind of nervously, and went home feeling sad.
    • Apparently an anonymous rooster, present in the space that morning, was keeping the would-be-sleepers in line. I will see if I can learn any more about this anonymous contingent of the late night crew that is clearly attempting to enforce excellence. -User:Hurtstotouchfire
  • 02/08/12
  • 02/09/12
  • 02/10/12
  • 02/11/12
    • User:Hurtstotouchfire 05:33, 12 February 2012 (UTC): This evening I met Amber and her friend Nick and talked with her about sleeping in the space. She says that she's new to the community and that there have been false rumors spread about her. I got her email address and will chat with her a bit more later either electronically or in the space. Update: talked to Amber a little more that evening. She said that she objected to someone waking a sleeper once because she had just given the sleeper in question a massage and he dozed off. It was 4 or 5am at the time. I suggested that 4am massages might be more appropriate for someone's house since they tend to lead to sleeping, and sleeping is a really touchy issue in the space right now. Amber is not on the mailing list and didn't know about the wiki or the tuesday meeting. I encouraged her to get involved if she wants to keep hanging around. She is keeping a personal supply of food in the kitchen, including a flat of eggs. I haven't looked all the way though it and I didn't ask her about it (maybe I should have). She told me that she was available for helping people with astrology and that she bakes pies in the middle of the night but didn't seem to be interested in any of Noisebridge's resources other than the kitchen, couches and wifi. She identifies as an occupier. She seems like probably a reasonably nice person but not especially interested in understanding the established community agreements about excellence. She seems to think all of her behavior is excellent. She seemed pretty annoyed at me by the end of our discussion. Rayc also spent much of the discussion pretending to be her lawyer ("My client..." jokes) even though I asked him to stop and pointed out that I'm not a cop and I'm not their mom, I'm just trying to understand what's going on at noisebridge.
    • User:Hurtstotouchfire: Had a more extensive conversation later with Nick who seemed much more proactively respectful of the space and not entitled. He has also not gotten involved in any of noisebridge's infrastructure. I encouraged him to do so. He says he's never slept at Noisebridge and tells others not to.
  • 02/12/12
  • 02/13/12 Houseguests Are Like Fish
  • 02/14/12

"Katherine" wrote:

  • For 2 straight weeks there have been no problems with anyone attempting to live at Noisebridge and the sleeping problem is mostly gone. Katherine's consistent morning patrols and enforcement have maintained the space starting bright and fresh each day with her 6:30 am arrival. And thus the kingdom was saved.
  • not too sure what the above poster is talking about, but I count at least 1000 different entities trying as hard as they can to pretend they aren't living and sleeping here. Some clues are things like strategically hiding my clean diapers in backpacks in the shelf in the middle of the space. Maybe there is an outbreak of severe diaper stealing going on?
  • 02/15/12
  • 02/16/12
  • 02/17/12
  • 02/18/12
  • 02/19/12
  • 02/20/12
  • 02/21/12
  • 02/22/12
  • 02/23/12
  • 02/24/12
  • 02/25/12
  • 02/26/12
  • 02/27/12
  • 02/28/12
  • 02/29/12
  • 03/01/12
  • 03/02/12
  • 03/03/12
  • 03/04/12
  • 03/05/12
  • 03/06/12
  • 03/07/12
  • 03/08/12
  • 03/09/12
  • 03/10/12
  • 03/11/12
  • 03/12/12
  • 03/13/12
  • 03/14/12
  • 03/15/12
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