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This is an intro level class, introducing new programmers to Ruby and the UNIX programming environment.

Students will write Ruby versions of UNIX utilities such as cat, echo, wc and grep. This emphasis on UNIX is of service on several levels:

  • Students will need to use these utilities on UNIXalikes when deploying and monitoring applications on most hosting providers.
  • UNIX notions of interprocess communication are a robust and simple approach to a problem that will vex a programmer for much of their working life -- program composition.
  • UNIX idioms and tools have informed software engineering culture and philosophy for many decades. Exposure to UNIX gives students acces to a large body of knowledge on how to structure software systems and how systems evolve with time. In short, they'll see how culture matters in computer science.

This class is not a Ruby web application programming workshop; but students can expect to develop web programming skills as the course develops.

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