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The purpose of the SCADA system at 2169 Mission is to provide intelligent monitoring and control of devices in our space. The system has two halves: critical and non-critical.

  • Critical: this system is for monitoring and controlling things which could result in a loss of money and/or property if the system fails. Example: fire and flood alarms.
  • Non-critical: this system is for everything else. Example: lights, room reservations, intercoms.


Name Critical? Description
Power No Outlet and light control, power metering, smart breakers.
Safety Yes Fire and flood alarms.
Communications No Message routing from IRC, opt-in bluetooth presence detectors.
Security Yes Theft alarms for tagged items.
HVAC No Heating and cooling controls, zone controls.



I/O Linc - INSTEON Leak / Flood Sensor Kit: $65 PIR sensors: $40ish each


1x: INSTEON PLM: $70

3x dimmers: $40ish

10x HMI panels: custom manufactured, $50 each

PCs: donated

Industrial controller: donated

Control Panels

The human interface to the SCADA services will 17" touch panels with audio output. 10 panels were sourced from Andover CG on 3rd street, which is selling their inventory of ~300 for about $60 each.

The panels will be driven by repurposed PCs we have lying around running a custom daemon to drive the framebuffer. The OS will be embedded Linux.


The panels will have unique numeric identifiers. The current assignments are:

1. North stairwell landing 2. Elevator 3. Elevator landing 4. South stairwell landing (area of refuge) 5. Dirty shop 6. Clean shop 7. Classroom 8. Chill space 9. "Disco" 10. spare

HMI Requirements

Global Requirements

All slides related to critical services shall be in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.


  • Evacuation mode: in this mode, the panels will display the [evacuation map] and both audio and visual indicators showing which direction to go.
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