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Sewing and Crafting on Wednesdays

A group meeting Wednesday evenings to work on sewing and/or craft projects. Noisebridge has two industrial sewing machines and several home machines (only one is currently functional). Also there is a lovely cutting table and a bunch of sewing and cutting equipment. Rachel will be there from 7PM onwards and can provide help with any sewing and most craft projects. Other experts are often around as well. Besides sewing, past projects have included knitting, crocheting, felt working, embroidery, and various less categorizable things.

All are welcome, with any level of skill in any craft. We'll probably try to organize an occasional workshop in areas of general interest; please contact Rachel M if you have a skill you'd like to share.

Note that the industrial machines are much faster than home sewing machines, and less guarded. They are perfectly safe when used correctly, but if you're unaware, you CAN get a serious cut or take off the tip of your finger on the serger. So if you aren't familiar with industrial machines, it's a good idea to get Rachel M or Crutcher to show you about them before you use them.

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