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The Scanning Electron Microscope at Noisebridge.

  • "TV Mini-SEM (R)" by ISI (International Scientific Instruments)
  • lives in the "science ghetto" on the west end of the south wall at 2169.
  • is tended by Mike Kan and the rest of the SEM mailing list


1. If you release the vacuum without venting the pump hose, pump oil will flood the chamber and contaminate the entire mechanism, requiring 10 hours of cleanup. 2. If you vent air into the column without powering down the filament, you'll probably destroy the filament ($100). 3. If you

Startup procedures:

1. get the power cord from Mike. 2.

Todo list

1. column liner needs to be replaced. Larry may be able to provide a clean liner. (2010-06-15) 2. camera mounting stage and hood for slow-scan exposure. (2010-06-15) 3. (long term) build digital capture stage to replace CRT mechanism (2010-06-15) 4. build sputter coater for specimen preparation (2010-06-15)