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San Francisco Art Institute students exploring the creation of "nomadic structures" will visit Noisebridge to engage communal hacking as an art production process around laser cutting, 3d printing, sewing and more.

About the Nomadic Structures at SFAI:

Using primarily fabric-based strategies, this course focuses on the idea of the nomadic and forms of mobility as sculptural practice. Extrapolating from such forms as tents, backpacks, clothing, sails, and natural habitats, issues such as sustainability, adaptable shelter, trans-species, mapping, urban/natural survival, and site logistics will be explored. Students will learn basic 2D to 3D pattern development, flexible material options, armature design, sewing, and a range of mechanical and glue-based fastening systems. The work of such artists as Lucy Orta, Luciano Fabro, Los Carpinteros, Daniel Buren, Franz Erhard Walther, Janine Antoni, Andrea Zittel, Vito Acconci, Atelier van Lieshout, Thomas Hirshhorn, and Beverly Semmes will be examined in this context.


Participants for this event will gather in Turing or Church, whichever is available.

About the Host

This event is hosted by Ebi, a visual artist, teacher and builder. Contact me with any questions.