SF Grey Hat Meetup

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SF Grey Hat Meetup

obviously its late in the evening, we will be teaching and talking about topics some people have already expressed being uncomfortable about having in the space, BUT FUCK IT. thats right I said FUCK IT. first week we will be talking metasploit, this is an offensive security tool non security people will be taking away a new reason to keep their systems updated and attendees with an interest in offensive security may learn something.

Dude, there's a totally good reason to have it in the space. Anyone who's using the internet or a website or building a website needs to have a good understanding of how a) attacks are real and b) what they can do to defend against them. This would be awesome. Will

Oh man, we've got some grey hats up in this bitch. They must be elite villianous dark-side hackers. 0x90 0x90 0x90 wut wut? i'd bet fiddy cents that none of you have ever written your own tools.

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