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Endenizen spoke with Brian Geller (415-829-2116) from Safari about providing access to their online library to all members of NoiseBridge. The most affordable plan provides online-only access for up to 10 books per 30-day period. The cost would be around $12.75 per member per month (price gets lower as more people sign up). I believe the minimum to start is 5 members.




Opt-in access

NoiseBridge members opt-in for a Safari account and their membership dues are increased by $12.75/month.

Benefits: The NoiseBridge Safari account will cost the group nothing to maintain. Members are responsible for the extra cost of Safari. Providing access on a case-by-case basis will be easier than creating an account for every NoiseBridge member.

NoiseBridge-provided access

NoiseBridge pays for every member to have a safari account which is then reflected in the standard monthly dues.

Benefits: Overall cost of Safari is lower (down to $11.50/user/month for over 50 users). Every member will always have easy access.

Personal Thoughts

  • I would use this a lot at home/work/noisebridge. Safari has a great catalog of tech books. Endenizen 15:44, 6 October 2008 (PDT)
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