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Endenizen spoke with Brian Geller (415-829-2116) from Safari about providing access to their online library to all members of NoiseBridge. The most affordable plan provides online-only access for up to 10 books per 30-day period. The cost would be around $12.75 per member per month (price gets lower as more people sign up). I believe the minimum to start is 5 members.


Safari Bookshelf Library – Each user would be assigned a specific number of slots that would allow them to add books to their bookshelf. They would be able to search across thousands of books in preview mode. To gain full access to a book, they would add it to their bookshelf. Each book must remain on the bookshelf for a period of thirty days before it can be exchanged for a different book. Once the bookshelf is full (all of the slots have been used), no more books can be added to the bookshelf unless you are able to exchange a book or you upgrade the account to a larger number of slots. This model only allows access to the 6,200+ technology books. Videos and Rough Cuts are not part of this collection.



Opt-in access

NoiseBridge members opt-in for a Safari account and their membership dues are increased by $12.75/month.

Benefits: The NoiseBridge Safari account will cost the group nothing to maintain. Members are responsible for the extra cost of Safari. Providing access on a case-by-case basis will be easier than creating an account for every NoiseBridge member.

NoiseBridge-provided access

NoiseBridge pays for every member to have a safari account which is then reflected in the standard monthly dues.

Benefits: Overall cost of Safari is lower (down to $11.50/user/month for over 50 users). Every member will always have easy access.

Personal Thoughts

  • I would use this a lot at home/work/noisebridge. Safari has a great catalog of tech books. Endenizen 15:44, 6 October 2008 (PDT)
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