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We have an internal wiki for things:

June 11th 2014

  • Paul - Was turned away at door by Dan at 2am.
  • Pigeon - Discussed concerns about Ronnie in the space.
  • Monand - Concerns were raised about his demeanor with people in the space. Inappropriate and/or questionable behavior toward others.
  • Thor - Told not to be drinking in space or to come to NB drunk. Belligerent behavior.

Discussion June 10th

  • Anthony - violence
  • Sven - disturbing behavior, reputation for thievery, association with Sid
  • Joe - further discussion with Joe may be appropriate at some point
  • Scheduling 5:30 Tuesday as regular meeting time to invite interested participants

Brief discussion after May 27 general Tuesday meeting


  • finding alternative to "come to Tuesday meeting for drama" part of ask-to-leave -> Sunday session
  • how to address abuse of power, ensure fairness? -> beware "star chamber" clique, invite broad participation
  • emphasize communication, understanding of culture, respect -> behavior modification, harm reduction approach
  • balance: recognize when "leave now, GTFO" is more appropriate


  • important details ...?