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==Safety Committee==
[[User:Schoen|Schoen]] proposed a safety committee, which was brought up at the 10/7 meeting. Add your name here to join!
[[User:Mlp|Meredith L. Patterson]]
==Fire safety==
==Fire safety==

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Safety Committee

Schoen proposed a safety committee, which was brought up at the 10/7 meeting. Add your name here to join!

Meredith L. Patterson

Fire safety

We currently have two smoke detectors (one upstairs and one downstairs). We have one fire extinguisher rated to 3-A:40-B:C. It would be nice to have a comparable extinguisher upstairs, as well as a kitchen-oriented extinguisher in the kitchen, and an extinguisher in any lab space that is appropriate to kinds of fires that might occur in that lab space and that won't damage the equipment kept in that lab. If we have any activity, materials, or apparatus in the space for which our fire extinguishers are not suitable, we should get new fire extinguishers that are compatible with them.

We have no sprinklers or other automated fire suppression (right?) and we have only one exit. We should consider whether to do anything to improve the marking of the exit and the fire extinguishers.

It would be helpful for safety to ensure that we always have at least one phone available that doesn't depend on power and Internet access to make calls (a land line or cell phone). Schoen 20:37, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

First aid

We will get a first aid kit and keep it in an obvious place downstairs. We could encourage Noisebridge members to obtain First Aid and CPR certifications. Schoen 20:37, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

Safety for projects, materials, and equipment

  • Training
  • Rules or procedures
  • Documentation (e.g. MSDS)
    • Standard operating procedure at every lab I have ever worked at has been to have a binder containing MSDSs for all materials used in the lab. Some labs also had an electronic version in a CMS; we could add MSDSs to the wiki, as many MSDSs are available on the web. If someone wanted to spring for it, we could also get an account at http://www.msdsonline.com/ or someplace similar. Mlp 23:00, 1 October 2008 (PDT)
  • Safety equipment or apparatus (e.g. protective clothing or eyewear, eyewash, ventilation, etc.)

Physical security

  • A security grate is needed on the smaller window over the door.
  • Bolts on the security grates over the larger windows look somewhat weak. Could use some assessment and possible repair.
  • A stronger solid-core door / access control needed

Safety in the chemistry lab

We're definitely going to need to build a fume hood. ANY reaction that evolves gas must be done with appropriate ventilation, even if it's a relatively harmless gas, and the vent over your average stove won't cut it. (I almost killed myself with carbon dioxide in my kitchen once, so I take this very seriously.) It would really be best if we built a fume hood with an air foil. I have a doc with instructions on how to build one, but it's scanned from a textbook so I really shouldn't upload it here. How much linear space is available near the existing exhaust vent? Mlp 23:02, 1 October 2008 (PDT)

Other things we will need:

  • Fire extinguisher: ABC type for sure.
  • Bucket of sand. Check it once a week to make sure that the sand hasn't accreted into a solid block.
  • Nitrile gloves should always be in stock; they can be had cheap from American Science and Surplus.
  • Keep baking soda around for neutralizing acid spills, vinegar for neutralizing base spills.
  • Paper towels, loads of them.
  • A couple of lab coats. (~$17 at AS&S I think)
  • Safety goggles!!!!!
  • Eyewash bottle (always keep full with clean distilled water)
  • Decontamination shower (we might want to set this up outside in the alley, can make one from PVC)
  • Sulfur powder if anyone is working with mercury