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Noisebridge values safety. Here's some safety guidelines.

  • Noisebridge is a vaccine positive space for COVID-19 pandemic safety reasons.
  • Anyone in the space needs to follow our social distancing safety practices.
  • Masking is required so long as at least one person wishes people to be masked
  • In emergencies, follow safety procedures for contacting emergency services and other authorities.

Safety Guild maintains safety practices at Noisebridge.

  • MAINTAINERS: User:Zach
  • CURRENT SAFETY ISSUES: MinistryOfContagion is documenting COVID-19 safety concerns.
  • RECRUITING: If you'd like to volunteer some time with the Noisebridge Safety Committee, the mailing list is The archives are here.
RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. Edit


  • MAX CAPACITY 49: No more than 49 people are currently allowed in the space at once, and more than 25 should only be present with adequate ventilation and event safety considerations handled.
  • WEAR MASKS: Wearing masks greatly reduces spreading. It's optional, but effective.


See Noisebridge Lab Safety and Ethics Page.

In Case Of Bad Things

POLICE: Dial 911 for emergencies.

  • You may get a faster response when calling from a cell phone or VoIP phone by calling the SF police at 415-553-8090. Program that number into your phone. The reason is that non-landline calls may go through a general dispatch center where wait times sometimes exceed 1 hour.
  • For non-emergencies (noise complaints, questions, etc...), call 415-553-0123.

Fire: Dial 911 for emergencies.

  • The designated meeting place in case of evacuation is the sidewalk area in front of the Mi Ranchito market.
  • For non-emergencies call 415-553-0123.

San Francisco City Services: (graffiti, street conditions, alley cleaning, utilities, etc): 311

Water (flooding): Call the landlord.

Minor Medical (< 10 hit points): There's a first aid kit in the middle of the south side of the classroom wall.

Major Medical (>= 10 hit points, shop accident, gunshot wound, etc): Dial 911 for emergencies. The closest hospital is the level 1 trauma center at San Francisco General Hospital - Emergency. Google thinks there's a hospital very close by on 18th, but it's just a drug clinic and does not have emergency services.

Payphones Don't Work

As of 2018-04-07 the phones in the space are not functional. -l

If you pick up a phone in the space, and dial 311, you'll page a bunch of Noisebridgers who will join you. (Use +1 415 494 2858 ext 311 on external phone or mobile).

  • The pay phone in the space is a VoIP phone and does not have 911 service. Call 415-553-8090 from that phone.