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Noisebridge values safety. Here's some safety guidelines.

  • Noisebridge is a vaccine positive space for COVID-19 pandemic safety reasons.
  • Anyone in the space needs to follow our social distancing safety practices.
  • Masking is required so long as at least one person wishes people to be masked
  • In emergencies, follow safety procedures for contacting emergency services and other authorities.

Safety Guild maintains safety practices at Noisebridge.

  • MAINTAINERS: User:Zach
  • CURRENT SAFETY ISSUES: MinistryOfContagion is documenting COVID-19 safety concerns.
  • RECRUITING: If you'd like to volunteer some time with the Noisebridge Safety Committee, the mailing list is The archives are here.
RECRUITING! Maintainer volunteers wanted, consider volunteering to become a maintainer. Edit


  • MAX CAPACITY 49: No more than 49 people are currently allowed in the space at once, and more than 25 should only be present with adequate ventilation and event safety considerations handled.
  • WEAR MASKS: Wearing masks greatly reduces spreading. It's optional, but effective.


See Noisebridge Lab Safety and Ethics Page.

In Case Of Bad Things[edit]

POLICE: Dial 911 for emergencies only!.

  • You may get a faster response when calling from a cell phone or VoIP phone by calling the SF police at 415-553-8090. Program that number into your phone. The reason is that non-landline calls may go through a general dispatch center where wait times sometimes exceed 1 hour.
  • For non-emergencies (noise complaints, questions, etc...), call 415-553-0123.
  • It is considered very unexcellent to call the police except in case of life threatening violence. In all other situations the police are not welcome at or inside of noisebridge. In nearly all cases SFGH Psychiatric Emergency Services 1001 Potrero Avenue Ph: 415-206-8125 are more appropriate. However sometimes they defer to the police because they are short staffed, or will not help without the police. Please take this into account and do the utmost to deal with situations without inviting the police to noisebridge.

Fire: Dial 911 for emergencies.

  • The designated meeting place in case of evacuation is the sidewalk area in front of the Mi Ranchito market.
  • For non-emergencies call 415-553-0123.

San Francisco City Services: (graffiti, street conditions, alley cleaning, utilities, etc): 311

Water (flooding): Call the landlord.

Minor Medical (< 10 hit points): There's a first aid kit in the middle of the south side of the classroom wall.

Major Medical (>= 10 hit points, shop accident, gunshot wound, etc): Dial 911 for emergencies. The closest hospital is the level 1 trauma center at San Francisco General Hospital - Emergency. Google thinks there's a hospital very close by on 18th, but it's just a drug clinic and does not have emergency services.

Payphones Don't Work[edit]

As of 2018-04-07 the phones in the space are not functional. -l

If you pick up a phone in the space, and dial 311, you'll page a bunch of Noisebridgers who will join you. (Use +1 415 494 2858 ext 311 on external phone or mobile).

  • The pay phone in the space is a VoIP phone and does not have 911 service. Call 415-553-8090 from that phone.