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SatNOGS is a FOSS project centered around the creation of a volunteer run satelitte ground station network by creating an open source hardware and software platform.

Currently there's no SatNOGS ground station covering the west coast of the United States and so some Noisebridge community members have decided to create a ground station and host it on the roof of 2169 Mission St.


A list of people to contact about this project.


The project is currently in it's planning stage however we hope to build the following components:

Update: 4/7/2017

Patrick ordered PCBs of each of the following components today:

  • rotary encoder (AS5040 variant)
  • controller mainboard (from GH master)
  • endstop (from GH master)

Will have 3x of each of these boards in the next week or so. Hope to generate a mouser cart containing the parts we'll need to populate the board.


A running tally of the costs associated with the project can be found below:

Description Cost
PCBs $35.50


Schedule TBD - next meeting currently Tuesday evening, 2017-07-25 at 2169 Mission St.