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Schematics is a companion meetup for the sunday Schemers meet. As the sunday meet is currently more of a high-level casual discussion-group, what we're aiming for is more of a structured class, where the content each week is a custom presentation based upon who's showing that week and what problems they ran into during that week while working on a designated collaborative project for the group. Another main foci would be documenting all our findings which would result in a scheme book of sorts, where instead of having future schemers having to traverse the web and get their (often confusing) information from a variety of sources, everything would be compiled neatly and cleanly into one source where everything is easy to understand. This would serve as a handy reference for our existing members, and, if done properly, would immensely help any future schemers who catch wind of it.



Please take a look at the following page, add any of your own ideas if you have 'em, and speak up on the mailing list or at the meet. Basic workflow is this: find the project you want to contribute to in the organization, and fork it. After you've made some changes you want to commit, send us a pull request. We'll go over the changes as a group, and possibly commit them into the main repo.


Code Management

is done via github. After you sign up, send off an email to Chris and you'll be added to the schematics organization.

Other Resources

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