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* [ Berkeley Class Webcasts]
* [ Berkeley Class Webcasts]
* [ Hygienic Macros]
* [ Hygienic Macros]
* [ Tutorials from Wraith Scheme]
=== Software ===
=== Software ===

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Schemers is a study group formed to learn about the Scheme programming language and fundamental CS concepts using the classic book SICP as a study guide. The full text of this book is freely available online, and we have a physical copy on our bookshelf as well. We meet on Sundays at 2pm in the Church classroom of the Noisebridge hackerspace. Please monitor the Schemers mailing list for updates (read the archives if you'd rather not subscribe).




Other Helpful Texts


  • Racket The original "DrScheme" has been updated and expanded and renamed. It is still Scheme at the core however.
  • PLT Scheme = Racket PLT Scheme was renamed to Racket, included here for de-confusion.
  • Chicken Scheme is another implementation of scheme. It has as active, friendly community...and it has eggs.
  • Wraith Scheme is a shareware/open-source Scheme that runs on the Macintosh and has lots of documentation. (Disclaimer: I am the developer of Wraith Scheme, but I also attend the weekly meetings)
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