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"Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script"

Secretaribot is actually a few (quite small) python scripts, which, along with Noisebot, help out the Noisebridge collective with housekeeping tasks.

This document is automagically created by and README.intro in the Secretaribot repository at github, which is written out to the Secretaribot's page on the Noisebridge wiki.



Usage: death_to_wikispammers [username] Downloads a list of recently created users, starting at the username given. One by one, shows their user page via STDOUT. Delete user page and block for spam? it asks, [y/n] If yes, deletes user page, blocks user for spamming If no, goes onto next

Meta-helper script to write the README in this directory to the Secretaribot page on the NB wik.

Merge (and then delete) all blocked users into a single, uber-spam account.

'And nothing of value was lost'

Creates the next meeting page from the template on the wiki. Calculates the next ordinal number for the meeting ie (the 31811th Meeting etc)

Looks for and loads the pywikipediabot library from environment variable $PYWIKIBOT_DIR.

Utilities for getting lists of users from mediawiki installs

Goes out and checks a Wikipedia table full of links, and saves the etags from the headers; by updating these etags on the page, it will trigger a mediawiki page change whenever any of the other pages change. If you watch that page, you'll be effectively watching all the other external pages.

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