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Sewing machines require some training to use without breaking them. If you want to use the Noisebridge sewing machines, show up to the Sewing event nights and ask one of the organizers if they can schedule training with you or when the next training event is happening.

Due to constant breakage of the sewing machines, we're asking all users of Noisebridge's sewing machines—including the home machines—to take a training session to learn how to use our machines properly and thereby not break them.

The training session is part 1 and part 2.

Part 1 teaches you basic fabric-cutting and sewing-machine knowledge—enough knowledge to be less likely to break our machines.

Part 2 demonstrates your knowledge by producing a simple tote bag. You must complete both trainings to be qualified.

Once you have been so trained, the trainer will add your name to this page.

Weekly Sewing Meetups

Currently, in the new 272 space, there is a weekly training and meetup Fridays from 6-7pm Pacific time.

See the Sewing page for more information.

People who have been trained in safely and non-destructively using the home sewing machines

Getting on this list doesn't qualify you to use the industrial machines, which are very different beasts in important and dangerous ways. That requires separate training.

  • Ruth Grace Wong (@ruthgrace) - Trainer
  • Peter Hosey (@boredzo) - Trainer
  • Eli Sakov
  • Melissa Ngu
  • Tori Duong