Sewing Project Night

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We host a Sewing Project Night every other Monday in the Sewing area.


  • Want to learn how to sew?
  • Learn how to use a new machine?
  • Dying to talk fashion or just want to work on a project?

This is an informal gathering of people who use the sewing area at Noisebridge, or would like too. We don't have a particular program, it's just hanging out, talking and working on projects. Attendance varies a lot - you could be the only one , or there could be 10 people. However, our sewing area will always be open!

Come if you've been sewing for a while, or you've never picked up a needle before!

It's free, but donations accepted for sewing area upkeep, as always.

A note about our space:

Noisebridge has an incredible sewing area with 5 sewing machines, a giant table, dress form, ironing board and many sewing amenities. We have a great selection of donated fabric, thread and other notions that you can draw from.

Here's our website, with more information about our space:


You can do a project entirely from our donated fabrics here, but it's a bit of a grab-bag. If you want something specific, it's best to bring your own.

PS If you need materials for a sewing project, we are next to a great fabric store - Fabric Outlet. It closes at 7pm exactly, so be sure to go before the meetup to get whatever you need

PPS. We are accepting donations of perfectly working home machines, if you have any leads on one, please tell us.