Sewing Workshop

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A workshop to demystify the sewing machine and sewing in general. Non-exhaustive subjects to be covered, or at least touched on:

  • basic hand sewing
  • How to run a sewing machine
  • common sewing machine problems & their solutions
  • mending tears, button replacement, patching
  • hack your clothing (partially or completely rework an existing garment)
  • what's a serger & how does it work?

The goal is to get you comfortable enough to add sewing to your list of project techniques. Some examples I've heard about include a glove that you can operate an iPod with; Noisebridge sew-on patches; mending backpacks; an RFID cloning glove; and of course the Compass Vibro Anklet.

Interested? Date is not set. Add your name below and when might be a good time.

  • Rachel (not Monday or Wednesday evenings)
  • Skory (not Wednesday, I go to ML)
  • Tones (whenever)
  • JohnK (not Wed)
  • Stella (not Mondays or Tuesdays)