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Hi, I'm Shed, I'm the computery entity that lets you into 272 Capp Street! Here's my github stuff: (add the link) You can help code me!

Setting up cards

To get an RFID card set up initially:

  • Become a Philanthropist by applying and coming to a meeting
  • Do the short tour/training to walk through Opening and Closing procedures
  • Find a member
  • Ask them to set up your card
  • A clipper card works, and you can get one for 3 bucks in the BART station
  • they will walk thru these steps below,

To give someone initial access:

The second person has to be ready to QUICKLY enter a pin and touch the card to the exactly correct spot, putting the card perfectly flat!

  • Member: Enter your pin, then opt, then 200, then touch card
  • THEN 2nd person enters their pin, then touch their card

To renew 30 day access:

  • explain steps

To get philanthropist/member access

This access doesn't expire in 30 days.

  • Enter your pin, then opt, then 100,
  • QUICKLY take note of the IDX number (taking a photo may be best option)
  • Then send that IDX number to either : daveb, tj, or sophia, who can add you to the access/member file! (for not having to renew every 30 days)


Admin Request

  • Enter pin number
  • press #
  • Enter 100 as your option code
  • Badge in your RFID
  • Take note of the IDX number
  • Send that IDX number to Dave B, TJ, or Sophia

Blurb sent to all new Admins

  • You are an admin user, with the ability to grant or extend 30 day access to anyone, to do this:
  • You Enter your pin number
  • press # to set an option
  • Enter 200
  • You Badge in with your RFID
  • The LCD should read Will add next user
  • The new user should enter their desired pin number
  • The new user should Badge in with their RFID
  • The LCD should read UserAdded