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  [[User:arcanology|Al]] - XL if American Apparel please.
  [[User:arcanology|Al]] - XL if American Apparel please.
  [[User:le|Luiz E.]]
  [[User:le|Luiz E.]]
[[User:Mitchell_H|Mitchell H.]]
* Medium
* Medium

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Noisebridge is going to have some shirts made. It will probably feature the same logo as the most recent sticker. If you'd like to have a shirt, please add your name to the size you'd like (linked to your wiki page). The first run of shirts will no doubt be black and simple. If you'd like non-black shirts, please note this with a a solid alternative preference stated. If you're sure you wouldn't wear black and you're certain that you don't know what color you'd like, please also state that.

  • XXL
Martin B.
User:BuddhaHacker - want black
Shannon Lee -- XXXL if American Apparel please
  • Extra Large
Schoen (two shirts)
Charlie (two shirts)
  • Large
David Molnar - XL if American Apparel as well. 
Al - XL if American Apparel please.
Luiz E.
Mitchell H.
  • Medium
Daniela but if the sizes are too big prefer small
Andy (two shirts)
Steen (Black, Duh. Will take large as well)
  • Small
Rubin - Color: Gray, or anything but Black or White.

  • Girl Cut (sizing is very maker dependent)
Audrey - black or dark red
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