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Shit What Needs Done

Recurring Weekly Items
What Why How Who When
Trash Goes Out To keep noisebridge clean. Collect trash about the space. Place it in the bins by the elevator. Take the trash out to the curb. You!
General Items
What Why How Who When
exit signs So we don't all die in a fire Buy signs, put them up? John Waters ???
flammables storage cabinet So we don't all die in a fire Buy one, put it in ??? ???
massive cleanup of piles Fewer places for vermin (rats, hippies, door to door salesmen) to take up residence e-waste pickup John Waters ???
entrance lights/switches so we can see when we come in finish the pipe runs, pull wires, hang and connect light fixtures jim and others second week in november
finish shelves in storage/rack room so we can put stuff away better move stuff off the top shelves, install new top shelves jim and others third week in november
go through the piles of to-hack stuff and move some of it to a staging place to go out so we can tighten up what it says jim and others fourth week in november
Get one of Cernio's cabinets and move the servers and the new UPSes into it Because the current UPS doesn't work right Get a truck and 2-3 people jim, Jesus, and others before the UPS blows up
link this page to the touch screens and reverse engineering bar screen along with maintenance tasks such as sweeping and washing dishes so people who come into the space and don't necessarily read the wiki can get ideas on how to contribute HTML/CSS jof Right now.
come up with an organizational scheme for the library so people can find books, put them away and better decide which ones to get rid of LCS + color coding w/ barcode scanner? ??? ???
Infrastructure Items
What Why How Who When
Debug ifstate failover. Verified working. Logging works. failover doesn't seem to happen N/A jof Week of Oct. 25 - 29
Fix busted IPv6 transit rtadvd advertises a ::/0 route that does nothing. This effectively blackholes all of the IPv6 internet Get a working protocol 41 tunnel. Re-start rtadvd jof Week of Oct. 25 - 29
Add an 802.11b/g AP to the West Wall Increase coverage by front gate. Just because. Run Cat5e. Punch down. Plug in. jof Week of Oct. 25 - 29