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=Simbridge Game Design Document=
=Simbridge Game Design Document=
Below this is a SimBridge game design document.
Below this is a SimBridge game design document.
or here is a[|or link im not sure which one is maintained]

== Features ==
== Features ==

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Simbridge is a simulated virtual Noisebridge hackerspace you can edit on GitLab and visit in VRChat.


Simbridge serves several purposes.

  • Education: To enable newcomers to learn about the space and what it offers.
  • Planning: To enable Noisebridgers working on Layout and Build planning to visualize proposed changes to the space itself.
  • History: To record historical information including 3D scans and layout changes from all of Noisebridge's iterations.

How to visit Simbridge in VRChat[edit]

You don't even need a VR headset to visit Simbridge in PC Windows SteamVR. It works with keyboard and mouse as well.

  1. Install VRChat for Windows via Steam or for Android via Oculus Quest Store.
  2. Launch VRChat. You can use it with keyboard and mouse or with a VR headset plugged in.
  3. Create VRChat account. Write down your login and password in your password manager.
  4. Enable Community Labs:
    1. In VRChat, open the menu with your left controller button.
    2. Choose Settings.
    3. Enable Community Labs to be able to see unapproved community created worlds.
    4. The minimized version of settings doesn't show this option so click the expand button to see all the options.
  5. Find Simbridge and visit:
    1. On PC Steam: To visit Simbridge, click our Simbridge VRCW.NET page and click the Public button. You have to have launched VRChat from Steam at least once for it to pick up VRChat links from browsers.
    2. On Android Oculus Quest: Search for Simbridge. You must enable Community Labs content in Settings for this to work.

Noisebridge VR by Jin[edit]

New Links[edit]


  • Download SourceTree or Github clients
  • Clone the Simbridge repository by clicking this link clicking HTPS and then clicking copy then cloning in SourceTree and pasting it in to save it to your disk.
  • Open Unity 5
  • Open Project and point it at the folder where you saved it.

To learn about Unity game programming, join Gamebridge Game Dev Tuesdays 8-11PM.

Simbridge is also an opportunity to learn how game development works. When you make revisions to the Simbridge game world files, make accompanying changes documenting your added features to the GDD on this page.

Simbridge Game Design Document The Simbridge Game Design Document describes the design of the game in detail.

Simbridge Game Design Document[edit]

Below this is a SimBridge game design document. or here is alink im not sure which one is maintained


  • Turnable book pages

Planned Features[edit]


Making the Simbridge VR metaverse world bridge with the non-VR voice from Discord and/or Jitsi. Supporting virtual coworking like Recurse and WorkAdventure.

Suggestions Welcome[edit]

Do you have an idea? Put it here along with your name if you'd like to be involved in helping like this:

  • You should add some stripey tape on the floor. -My Name,

Planned Additions[edit]

Content that should be added to Noisebridge in the future:

Gamebridge Gamehacking[edit]

Provide some explanation of the class and our work on building SimBridge itself.

Dream Team Neurohacking[edit]

Wednesdays 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Dream Team Neuro Hackery - EEG research & development project with general interest in sleep, dreaming, creative intelligence, and many loosely related topics such as: neurophysiology, signal processing, cognitive neuroscience, and (especially) hacking code and devices for data acquisition and analysis. Join us at the CollaborationStation (near the Hackatorium). Expect general discussion around 8 PM - usually moving along by 9 PM to focus on more technical aspects of current project.

Space API[edit]

[1] has data for the app to draw from.

Creative Commons Credits & Acknowledgements[edit]