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"Basically, noisebridge was born free and pure.  It was composed of excellent hackers who had the highest goals in mind of creating a physical space where people could come anytime and create things.  We thought that by renting a space with an open-door policy and inviting more hackers to make use of it, the purity of the initialized meatspace would sustain. Unfortunately, reality is an aggressive dog." -Jake (spaz)


Noisebridge is not your home, it is your hackspace

Hi. So, there's broad consensus at Noisebridge that living here, or sleeping regularly overnight is unexcellent, which means that you really shouldn't do it. Noisebridge is a place for hacking on creative uses of technology, not somewhere to live or crash out..

In particular, everybody at Noisebridge has the right to ask you to wake up and hack, or go somewhere else to sleep. As a community, we really really don't like people who either argue and are rude when they're woken up, or just go away and go back to sleep when the person who has asked them has left.

People who sleep at Noisebridge may find themselves awakened by the Rooster Brigade.

If you'd like to talk about the issue of sleeping, please join Noisebridge's discuss list at:


Where to store your belongings

  • Storing stuff on member shelves is not a good idea, unless you want rayc to reorganize it.
  • City Storage, 150 Otis St. (between Gough and Duboce), 415-557-6339, Hours: 9am-3:30pm

Where to shower

Where to get food

Where to get free wifi access

  • Noisebridge wireless access is excellent

Where to sleep without being hassled

Obligatory cat macro


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