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Basically, noisebridge was born free and pure.  It was composed of excellent hackers who had the highest goals in mind of creating a physical space where people could come anytime and create things.  We thought that by renting a space with an open-door policy and inviting more hackers to make use of it, the purity of the initialized meatspace would sustain. Unfortunately, reality is an aggressive dog. -Jake (spaz)

Noisebridge is not your home, it is your hackspace

There is broad consensus that living at Noisebridge or sleeping overnight is not excellent. That means you should not do it. Noisebridge is a place for hacking on creative uses of technology, not somewhere to live or crash out. Our lease prohibits people from living here, and people living at Noisebridge reduce its utility for those who want to hack.

If you are sleeping at Noisebridge anyone has the right to ask you to wake up and hack or leave. As a community, we agree that it is not acceptable to argue, be rude, or go back to sleep after someone has asked you to wake and hack or leave. If you fail to wake up and hack or leave when asked, you should expect to have your behavior discussed at a community meeting, and you are likely to end up being unwelcome here.

People who sleep at Noisebridge may find themselves awakened by the Rooster Brigade.

In grad school I met the couple at a local gym where I lift weights. It was a Friday night (yeah, I lift weights on a Firday night, a big cock doesn't mean I have a date every night). They were regulars who I saw almost four times a week, but didn't talk to very much. Although thinking back on it now I remember that John (the husband) was in the shower at the same time I was a lot of the time. A lot of guys stare in the lockerroom and I love it.

Anyway that Firday night there weren't a lot of people in the gym and John approached me with a proposal; to fuck his wife. I didn't believe him at first, but when I looked over at Wendy (his wife) I was convinced. She was staring over at us with a tremendous look of lust on her face (I'm getting a hardon just thinking about it). They were both sort of beefy (from lifting weights) and Wendy had huge tits that she always stuffed into tight sports bras when she worked out. She told me she got off on giving guys hardons in the weight room.

John and Wendy told me that their favorite thing was to rush home after lifting and make love before they showered. So we headed to their apartment. They must have had the whole thing planed. A camcorder was set up in the bedroom and a still camera was on the night stand (or maybe they filmed themselves). Wendy and I went to the bed and John went to the cameras. Wendy pulled down my shorts and pulled out my cock. She moaned as she saw saw it and squeezed it for the first time. She pulled hard on it with both hands (I can't fit one hand around it and I can palm a basketball) and I grew to my full length. Her eyes widened in disbelief as I kept getting bigger and bigger. The bigger I got the harder she pulled, I love it when women are rough with my cock, that's they way I am when I beat off and give myself head.

From behind the camera John told her to measure it. John was working the camcorder with one hand a stroking his cock with the other hand (he was pretty well hung himself). She got a tape measure from the nightstand and told John I was almost 16 inches long and about eleven inches around (she was too excited to measure more accurately, I'm really 15-1/2 inches and 10-3/8 inches around when I'm at my biggest). After she measured me I told her turn about was fair play and pulled off her sports bra and measured her big tits, she was 42 inches around and told me she wore a D cup!

I knew what I wanted to do. After we pulled the rest of our clothes off she laid on her back and I stradled her chest and put my huge cock between her tits. As I fucked her tits she used her mouth and hands to rub/squeeze/lick the far end of my cock (one advantage of being so long is that I can tit fuck a women and get head at the same time). I was hot and didn't last long, I spayed cum all over her big tits, her face and her red hair. As I was spurting John cam up with the still camera and snapped shots of my blast off. He shot his load all over his wifes tits also.

Then John set down the camera and started licking his wife's pussy. He told me he wanted her to be as wet as possible before I tried to fuck her. I started feeding my limp cock to Wendy. She licked it and actually took a few inches in her mouth. That got me hard again. John looked up and asked if we were ready to try. We were. To make things a little more slippery, John got a tube of KY-Jelly and started to lube up my cock. It was the first time since I was a kid that a guy has touched my cock and it felt good.

I got between Wendy's legs and John went back to filming. Wendy spread her legs wide and pulled her pussy lips back. Her head was proped up on pillows so she could watch. I grabbed my cock and put the head one her clit. I moved it up and down a few times and she came (she was cumming like that the whole night, the slightest touch wold set her off). Then I started to force my cockhead into her cunt. After a few minutes of working it in and out and up and down I got the head in. Wendy's head was thrown back and she was moaning loudly. In ten or fifteen minutes I had managed to shove about five inches in. She was stretched tight around my cock. A lot of women can't/don't want to take more than this, so I started fucking her with the first third of my cock.

After a bit of this John encouraged me to give her more. He said she could take a 12-inch dildo, but it was only two inches thick. So I went back to work stuffing Wendy's pussy with my cock. In about a half an hour I manage to get about two thirds of my cock into her pussy, and I hit bottom. I must have been banging into her cervix because she seemed to be in a little pain. But when I started to pull out or shorten my strokes she pulled me back down. I was getting close again and told them. John (the director) asked me to pull out and cum on her tits again. I was happy to oblige him. When I was almost there I pulled out and Wendy grabbed my slick cock and jacked me off hard with both hands. I had a big load built up from almost an hour of fucking. I started shooting everywhere, I hit the wall above Wendy's head with the first spurt, then the headboard, then her face a few times and then finished up by covering her tits with cum.

We called it a night after that, we were all spent and tired. I had never been in a situation so exciting. I was looking forward to our next encounter and mentioned that next time Wendy might get my entire cock in her pussy. But John and Wendy told me that this was a one time thing and that they had both graduated from a nearby college and were leaving in a few weeks. I never saw them again and haven't been involved in a threesome since then. But they sent me a copy of the video and I often watch it and jack off.

I get off on people staring. When I go to the gym I wear a pair of spandex shorts that hold my cock along my left leg. I wear a pair of long baggy shorts ovre those. When I see a woman checking me out I put my left leg up on a bench or something and "accidentally" let the leg of my shorts ride up so she can check out the bulge running down my leg. I have to be caureful not to get an erection or my cock would out stretch my spandex and poke out the end. It has worked a few times lead to some hot sex with bodybuilding women. They're great for really hard physical sex.

The first time was right after a woman who was my fianceè dumped me. I was depressed and went on a bit of a sexual binge. There was one woman who lifted at the same time as I did. I tried my little shorts trick a few times and caught her looking so I knew she was interested. Over the next few days I made small talk with her and then asked her out to dinner. The dinner was the usual date stuff and went pretty well. We went to a little bar afterwards for some beers. After a few beers we got really loose and had a great time. We got closer in the booth and began feeling each other's body. She had big solid arms and legs and a chest to match. Not only was she bulked up, she had big tits to go along with it (I found out later she wore a 48D cup since her back was so wide). Her hands found their way to my legs and soon wrapped around my cock. She couldn't believe it and told me that she thought I was stuffing my pants with socks.

The booth was in the back and pretty secluded so I told her that she could see I was for real by unzipping my fly and sticking her hand in. She did and moaned when she failed to close her hands around my member. We were both really hot, so I zipped up and left for my place. When we got to the bed she knocked me down on to it and jumped on top of me. She used her strength to hold me down and kiss me hard. The she sat up and pulled her top off showing me her huge tits in her fully packed sports bra. She asked me if I liked them and when I said I did she grabbed my hands and brought them up to her tits. She told me to squeeze them hard and I did. I slipped my hands underneath thr bra and pinched her nipples. Then she pulled it off.

She told me that she wanted to see my big cock and then pulled off my pants. I was hard and throbbing. She grabbed it hard and started pulling and stretching stretching. I love it when women play with my cock hard. She used both hands together to cirlce my huge girth and then started licking my cockhead. She was sitting between my legs holding my cock up to her mouth. The shaft was lodged between her massive tits, and she was using her arms to push them together and squeeze my cock with her cleavage. She was really strong and squeezing my cock hard with her hands. She told me her pussy needed some attention so she pulled her pants off and then squatted over my face and told me to start licking. She leaned forward and started pulling and sucking my cock again. She was hot and close to cumming so it didn't take much to give her her first orgasm of the night. She shook hard and squeezed my cock so hard I thought the top would pop off.

Next she said it was time to stuff my cock inside her. She climbed down to my midsection and stood over me. She squatted down and told me to hold my cock up for her (it was "Pick up your fucking horse cock"). I did as I was told and she grabbed my cockhead and put it at her cunt. She then lowered herself down and tried to force my member into her cunt. After a little while and a lot of effort she got my cockhead inside and then slide down a few more inches. She started fucking me, sliding up and down over the first third of my cock. But she wanted more. She pushed herself down further and further until she had about 10" in and hit bottom. She was screaming as she rode my cock up and down. But she couldn't get anymore of it in. Her jugs were boucning up and down as she fuck me. She was fingering her clit as well and on top of me. She got off me and rolled over on her stomach and told me to shove my cock up her pussy doggie style. I asked her if she wouldn't rather have it in her ass, but she told me I'd bust her in half if I tried that.

She got up on hands and knees and stuck her ass out at me and told me to start fucking. I spread her legs apart and put my cockhead at her pussy and started slowly pushing. She told me she didn't want anything easy, she wanted to have her cunt reamed out by my huge cock. Then she asked me how long ad thick I was. I told her and she told me to get busy and shove all 15-1/2 inches in her. I did my best.

On the first shove I buried about two thirds of it in her. I pulled almost all the way out and then shoved it in hard again. I kept this up for a while until I had about a foot inside. She reached back to feel how much more I had left. When she found out I still hand a handful to go she couldn't believe it. I was fucking her fast and furious, she kept yelling to go harder and deeper. So I started fucking her so hard that I knocked her off her hands, but her ass was still up in the air so I kept at it. She reached back and started fingering her clit and in no time came again. Her cunt tightened around my cock and squeezed hard.

She asked me if I was ever going to cum, I looked over at the clock and saw that we had been at it for about an hour and a half. I had jacked off four times that day thinking about fucking her, so I knew I would last a long time. I asked if I was lasting too long and wondered if she couldn't handle it. I knew that would piss her off, so she told me to keep fucking, she could handle anything I could give her. I flipped her over on her back and showed her my huge rod and asked her if she was sure. She hooked her legs around my kneck and grabbed my cock and put it in her cunt and told me to get to work. I started fucking her for all I was worth. My chest was smashed against her huge tits and almost a foot of my fat cock was burried in her tight cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around my and squeezed tight. I was getting close and started really fucking her hard, she started screaming and I grunted and shot a huge load into her cunt.

We collapsed with my huge organ trapped inside her. I got softer, but didn't pull out and we started fucking again at a slower pace until she came one more time. When I finally pulled out a huge load of cum flowed out all over the sheets. We spent a few months together like this before I got transfered to San Diego for a while.

Part Two

When I moved to California, I took a trip to Reno I took once. It was just after I had broken up with a woman who had been my fiancee. I was depressed and looking to have a wild weekend to help me forget her. I spent some time in a casino and had no luck at the tables or with the ladies. I went back to my hotel room a little drunk and a lot horny. When I got there I decided to call one of the local brothels. I asked for a woman who liked big cocks and had big tits. They matched my up with a woman named Angie who was blonde and told me that she had 38EEs. When I saw her I knew she wasn't lying, they were like two bowling balls!

She got to my room and got down to business. She shimmied out of her dress and started to undress me. She started with my shirt and stopped to give me a short massage. Her hands work their way down my over my pecs, down my washboard stomach towards my crotch. I wear loose pants all the time and either wear no underwear of boxers so my cock can hang down my left pants leg. My cock was semi-erect and making a big bulge when she sqeezed it. Right away she looked down and then started groping me with both hands. She didn't think it was real. She pulled off my pants and found out it was.

Angie just stared for a while and watched it grow the last few inches. She acted as if she were in a trance, she couldn't take her eys off it. I took control and told her to start by giving my a handjob. She leaned over and I grabbed her hands and put them around my cock. We stacked our hands on top of one another, wraping them around my cock, and still didn't cover it. Even with four hands on it, my cockhead and a few inches still stuck out. We started jerking up and down my huge shaft. Both of her little hands could barely wrap around the huge circumference of my meat. I started oozing pre-cum and she smeared it all over my long shaft. I asked her if this was the biggest cock she had ever seen had she said yes. She told me she had been with a black guy with a pretty fat cock, but it was neither as long or fat as mine.

While she was talking I pushed her head down and pushed my cock to her mouth. She couldn't getmy cockhead in her mouth, but she tongued my slit and lick my shaft up and down. While she was giving me head I was pulling on those big tits of hers. I wanted to fuck them bad. I pushed her down on the bed and stradled her chest. She grabbed a pillow and propped up her head, she knew what was coming. I scooped up her bowling ball sized tits and squeezed them around my meat. My cock was nice and slippery with her saliva and my pre-cu, so it slide nicely between her two big globes. She held her hands around the top part of my cock and kept her mouth open so that she kissed and licked my cock as I thrust between her tits. My cock was throbbing and bulging, I wish I had a tape measure that night I think I might have been close to 16" I was so horny. My cock felt bigger than ever.

After a while I couldn't take it and knew I had to get inside her. I wanted her ass first. I turned her over and pulled her ass up in the air. She was a little plump, but she has a nice round ass to mactch her big round tits. I spread her big ass cheeks and pulled my cock up to her whole. I put a finger in her ass to loosen her up. Then I placed my cockhead at the opening. I pushed and she screamed NO. She begged me not to fuck her ass, she said Iwas too big and there was no way I would fit. I ignored her and kept trying. I pushed harder and harder, but with no luck. She was right there was no way I was going to get inside her there.

But she must have liked my efforts since her pussy was literally dripping. She was so wet I couldn't pass that up. I moved my cockhead down to her cunt and shoved hard. This time I got lucky I managed to get the head and a few inches inside. I did it so fast she couldn't have known what was coming. She screamed. I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me as I thrust forward. She screamed more as I slammed more of my cock inside her. With about half of it in I started fucking her hard (I was used to stopping halfway because that was usually all my ex-fiancee was able to take). She was begging me to stop, but I kept banging hard. It had been a long time since I fucked a woman this hard and I was really getting into it. Her screaming toned down into load moans as I kept up my frantic pace. On each stroke I pulled out almost all the way and then shoved in until I hit bottom. By this time she was taking about two thirds of my huge meat.

I kept fucking her doggie style for about half an hour or so and then flipped her over. I pushed her legs out and up and told her to grab my cock and put it in. She did it and soon I was filling her cunt with ten inches of my fat cock with five more still outside. Her cunt lips were stretched tight around my massive girth. Each stroke pushed them in and then pulled them out as I slide my greasy cock out. I made her watch as I filled her with more cock than she though possible. Even though she was a little overweight she could see the huge bulge my cock made when I buried it in her.

Each hard thrust up caused her huge tits to almost smack her in the face. I was getting hotter and hotter. I kept banging into her cunt, tearing it up. When I felt my load getting ready to blow I pulled out and started fisting my cock as hard and fast as I could. Soon I started shooting, I aimed staright up and (I swear to God) the first shot hit the ceiling. The second didn't get quite that high, but landed on the wall. I wanted to cover her with my cum so I aimed the rest of my spurts towards her face and tits. I managed to splatter all over her face and get a lot of her giant tits. Then I used my massive rod to smear it all over. I rubbed her tits and face with my cockhead and shaft. As I got softer I started slaping her tits with my cock making them bounce.

Angie rested and then took a shower and got cleaned up. As she left she smiled and said, "Jesus, after all that I should pay you! I came about a dozen times. You've got one helluva cock."

It seems just about anything to do with cocksize os taboo. Whether it's having a big one, liking big ones or wanting a bigger one. Hard as it may seem to believe I often wish I was a little bigger. When I was growing up I had read about Long Dong Silver and his 18". I hoped I would grow that long. I was a little down when I realized I had stopped growing. I still think about it sometimes. Once while I was working in San Diego for a while I mentioned it to my then girlfriend Amy. I met her through the personals, she could take my whole cock! She answered an ad I placed in the paper. She had a great set of silicon enhanced 36D tits that I could fuck all day. She liked to suck on my cock as I slid it in between her big tits.

When we first met we fucked all the time. There was one weekend we didn't leave the bedroom. I was in heaven since it had been a while since I'd been able to get more than half my cock in a pussy. One of her favorite things was to watch me suck myself off.

The first time we got together she couldn't believe the size of my cock. When we talked on the phone she told me that she was a size queen and asked me how well hung I was. I told her my dimensions, but she didn't believe me. I convinced her to meet with me and that she wouldn't be disappointed. We met for drinks and after we got comfortable with each other (and she had check out the bulge running down the side of my leg) we checked into a nearby hotel. The first thing she did was pull a tape measure out of her purse. I got a huge hardon and was really turned on when she put the tape measure at the base of my cock (her hands trembled) and read off 15-1/2 inches long and then 10-1/2 inches around. I had to settle for a hand job that night because even the extra large condoms she brought wouldn't fit. She made me wait until we had both had AIDs tests before we had more sexual contact. But the wait was worth it!

Anyway, one time I mentioned to Amy that I sometimes wanted to have a little bigger cock. She asked me if I had ever tried a vacuum pump. I hadn't and didn't think they worked. I'd only seen the ads in the back of porno magazines and they didn't look that trustworthy. She told me that there was a fairly large vacuum pump industry in San Diego (I wonder if she meant that as a pun?). So we looked into it. She had an exboyfriend who was an avid pumper and had some pamphlets. They made cylinders only up to 12" long and 3" thick. We called the company the company and checked into custom made cylinders. The guy on the phone thought we were joking so he hung up. So we went down to their office. The guy still didn't believe us, so Amy (who was really bold and wild) told him to take a look at this and pulled my pants down to show him my cock. She pulled on it a few times to get it hard so he could see its full size. They took me seriously after that and we got a custom made cylinder that measured 18" long and 12" in inner diameter.

When we got it I got so hard just thinking about having a bigger cock. We slipped my already massive member into the cylinder and started pumping. In a few weeks we could get my cock to almost fill the whole thing. I filled it from wall to wall and almost all the way to the end. When we pulled my gigantic cock out of the cylinder Amy measured me at 17-3/4" long and a full 12" in circumference (3-7/8" accross almost four inches thick). We were both so hot after some of our early pumping sessions that I would try to cram my pumped up monster into Amy's pussy. But it was just too big at first. After a while the effects would fade and I would start to fit inside her again. So we just started pumping my cock up and then both of us played with it while it was in its truly gigantic state. I still have the pump and use it every now and then, but I've never made it to 18".

I moved and broke up with Amy and went through a long dry spell. then I posted the following ad:

Hello ladies. This is for women who like cocks thick and hard and by the yard. I need to find a woman who can handle my huge cock and huge sexual appetite. I am 6'4", 210 pounds. I lift weights fvie times a week and have the muscles to prove it. But the biggest muscle I have is between my legs. My cock hangs just about 14-1/2 inches when it's soft and is almost ten inches around, that's just under three inches thick for those of you who can't divide by pi quickly. When I get a hardon my cock stretches to 15-1/2 inches long and more incredibly gets to 10-3/8 inches around, over 3-1/4 inches thick! My cockhead is the size of a medium apple, and about the same color. I've got balls the size of grade AAA jumbo eggs and they're filled with cum! If you've ever seen a porno movie with Peter North in it, then you know about how much cum I shoot. Actually I shoot a little more than Mr. North. Only a few special ladies have taken my cock balls deep. No woman has gotten more than my cockhead in her mouth since I hit puberty. And I've never gotten my huge shaft up a womans tight asshole. So if you think you'd like to try me on for size I'd like to hear from you. Tell me what you'd do with my huge cock. As for what I like in women, I like big tits and tight asses, the bigger the tits the better. Mr. Horse Cock I have gotten 15-20 replies, about half really inquiring about my posting (I got together with four posters). One from a woman who had been involved with a guy who she said was almost as big as me, but not quite. He was probably around a foot in length (she told me she never measured him, but it took four hands to cover his cock, when I look at mine, four of my hands leaves a few inches uncovered and I imagine her hands were smaller than mine) but I don't think he was as thick! Another woman wrote and told me she wore a 36FF bra and shoved a dildo and a 9-1/2" by 7-1/2" cock in her cunt. She's one I really want to get together with. I got a letter from another several couples. One guy said his wife took a 9" circumference dildos and wanted to try getting both his his 8" long and thick cock and my monster meat inside her at once. He also told me that she really wanted him to tie her down and have my force my weapon in her ass. I haven't bothered replying to the negative ads, it's not worth my time. It seems that big cocks aren't politically correct and liking big cocks isn't either.

I had my first encounter one weekend with a woman who answered my posting.

She called herself Nikki, and told me that she wanted me to let you all know what we did this weekend. She is in her mid to late 30's, blonde and divorced. In her letters Nikki told me that she hadn't been with many men before her husband, but she wanted to make up for lost time. She said she started fantasizing about being with a really well hung man after her ex-husband brought home some porno movies with well hung stars. She told me her ex was averaged sized and pretty good in bed, but she wanted something really wild.

After her divorce she said she watched all the big dick videos she could and bought some gigantic dildos. She said her favorite was almost 14" long and 5" or 6" around; almost as long as me, but nowhere near as thick. She said that my thickness interested her the most. She also told me that she had been with a couple of guys who were 10" or longer and one guy who was almost 14" long. We talked on the phone a couple of times and enjoyed some pretty hot phone sex. Although I'd never been a big phone sex fan, it was a good time. She decided it was safe to meet and we set up a dinner meeting and made reservations at a motel for Saturday night. She made it to the restaurant first and was waiting at the bar. She was wearing a grey mini skirt and matching jacket. She had on sheer black stockings and black pumps. She was showing a lot of cleavage under her jacket. She was wearing a silky white blouse that didn't cover much and showed off her lace black pushup bra.

I picked her out easily. We were given a secluded booth to eat in, it was one of the c-shaped boothes so we could sit close to each other. As soon as soon as the waiter left us her hand was running up my leg. She said she couldn't wait and wanted to feel my cock to see if it was really all I said in my posting and my letters. She told me it certainly felt that way. In her letters she told me she had had a breast agumentation and now wore a 34D bra. She lived up to her advertising also, and on her small 5'2" frame they looked even larger. I tried not to stare too much, she was showing a lot and it wasn't easy, but I believe in looking in a woman's eyes when I am talking with her. We also talked about AIDs and assured each other we were disease free. We had both recieved HIV negative tests. Still we had a female condom if either of us felt uncomfortable. She also assured me she was on the pill to avoid pregnancy.

Dinner went well and the wine made us more relaxed and brought us closer. We moved to the hotel and started the main procedings. We shared a long passionate kiss after we closed the door. Nikki went to the bed and sat back. She pulled her jacket open exposing the tops of her bulging breasts and hitched up her skirt showing off her garter and black panties. With one hand she started rubbing her pussy through her panties and with the other she was stroking her tits which she had pressed together with her upper arms. I just stood there watching and letting my cock stretch down towards my knee. It strained at my pants as I walked towards her and showed my full size. When she saw my bulge she said, "Jesus Christ, you ARE hung like a horse!"

When I made it to the bed she reached for my felt to free my cock. I told her that there would be plenty of time for that, but I wanted to explore her body. As I sat down she stood up and took off her jacket and pulled off her blouse. Her tits were large and firm and riding high in her black bra. She unbuckled her black belt and shimmied out of her mini-skirt. She was wearing a black g-string and sheer stockings and looked hot. I started kissing and licking her firm round ass and made my way way around to her front, up and over her tits and to her mouth for a wet kiss. Our tongues were deep in each other's mouth and our hands stroking each others body. Her skin was soft and her body was firm.

I made my way down to her tits again. I was licking and sucking her tit-flesh and nipples. My hands roamed her legs and ass. She held my headto her chest and moaned. Then she bent her head down and licked her nipples with me. Our tongues met and lead our mouths together for a long hard kiss. I spent a long time licking, biting and sucking her firm breasts. She unsnapped her bra and gave me full access. I sucked every square inch of her lucious tits. When my tongue probed her cleavage she pushed her tits together burying my head between them.

Slowly I worked my way down her flat stomach to her pussy. She was still wearing her g-string and I pressed my face into it smelling her sweet pussy. I pressed hard and chewed her clit lightly through the fabric. She crossed her legs and wrapped them around my head pressing me harder into her pussy. I reached up and grabbed her big tits. She covered my hands with hers and we massaged her tits in unison.

I moved her g-string aside and licked her pussy lips. I teased and licked all around her clit. She was moaning and begging me to lick it, but I kept teasing and teasing. I works and finger into her slit as I continued my teasing. When she couldn't stand it any more I took her clit gently between my lips and licked it with hard fast strokes. She was using both hands to press my head into her crotch and had her legs spread wide. In a short time she came with her clit between my lips.

When her body stopped shaking and she let go of my head I stood up and took off my shirt. She put her hands on my shoulders and ran then down across my pecs and washboard stomach. She stopped at my belt and went about unfastening it and taking my pants off. She pulled them down and freed my huge hard cock. I was fully erect, heavy and hanging down to my knees. She then reached into her purse and pulled out a tape measure. She said she knew how much I liked to have my cock measured and she wanted to see for herself just how big I got. She placed the tip of the tape measure on the top of my cock at the base and slowly unrolled it until it reached the tip of my cock. Then she read off 15-1/2". Next, she wrapped the tape measure around the middle of my huge shaft and read off 10-3/8", but told me it was really a little more. I was so hot that my cock was bobbing up and down.

Nikki put the tape measure down and grabbed my cock with both hands. I told her to be as rough as she wanted to be. She stroked it hard and ran her hands up and down the entire length of my huge cock. She told me it was longer than any she'd seen and thicker than almost any two put together. She held my cock to one side and started to lick and suck my big balls. Slowly she licked her way up and down my shaft. When she hard worked her way to the tip once more she held my giant member in both hands and started to try and put my cockhead in her mouth. She opened wide and pressed her lips to my cockhead. It wasn't going in, but she was swirling her tongue over the part of the tip that her mouth covered. She kept trying, but was never successful.

Finally she said "Oh my God, you're just too big." With that she lowered my cock to her chest and cupped her breasts with her hands and started fucking my cock with her cleavage. She leaned back and I moved forward and placed my huge meat between those big melons. She was holding her tits together as I fucked my huge rod inand out. Each time I thrust forward my cockhead would pass over her mouth. When I pushed until my balls slapped the bottom of her tits, my cockhead actually went over her head (the combination of my length and her 5'2" height).

I asked if she was ready to try my in her cunt and she said she was, but first she wanted to lube me up. She had some KY-jelly and smeared it all over my cock. We tried the missionary position first. We set up the pillows so her head would be propped up so she could watch, she spread her legs wide. I grabbed my cock and placed the head at her pussy. I pressed gently and moved my cockhead up and down her slit, she was really wet and started to open up. I pressed harder and the head started to go in. She was moaning, but her eyes were glued on my cock.

Ever so slowly more went in and soon my cockhead was in. Since it's a little thicker than the rest of my shaft the next few inches went in pretty easy. But it got harder. Nikki was grunting, but asking for more. Her hands were on her knees pulling her legs apart. She was breathing in deep breathes causing her huge tits to rise and fall in steady beats. I slide my cock out of her stretched pussy and then pushed it back in. It went in faster this time and I managed to get more inside, but only about 6". I started fucking her with slow short strokes as she grunted and moaned. We weren't going to get any more inside her in this position.

Nikki suggested that she be on top. We moved to the edge of the bed and in front of the mirror and I sat down in it. I held my cock out and up and she stood with her ass to me. Nikki arched her back and raised her ass in the air and put my cockhead between her legs. She worked until we had the head and a few inches inside her. Then she reached back to put her hands on my shoulders and started to use her weight to force herself down onto my cock. This was working pretty well. I could watch in the mirror as she sank down on to my shaft. Her cunt lips were stretched to the limit and she was moaning loudly. She was able to get about 10" in her this way. She sank down on my massive meat and used short slow strokes to fuck my big cock. I put my hands on her hips to guide her up and down on my long thick pole. She put one hand on top of mine and used the other to finger her clit. It didn't take much before she came so hard she almost fainted. She sagged and lost her balance and sank down a few more inches before I caught her. She was almost screaming from her intense orgasm and foot of thick cock buried in her. When she regained composure she looked up at the mirror and said "Ooohhh, still a hand full of your fat meat to go. Maybe we can get it all the way in doggie style."

We both moved forward until she was leaning over the dresser, my cock never left her tight pussy. She braced herself and told me to fuck her hard. I pulled my cock almost all the way out and then sank 12" into her. Her knees knees buckled as she came again. I was able to catch her just before she hit her head on the dresser top. After that we moved to the bed so if that happened again she wouldn't get hurt. She got on hands and knees and stuck her round ass up in the air. I put my cock at her pussy and easily slide in halfway. I was fucking her slowly with half of my cock sticking out. She was moaning and grunting as my fat cock worked it's way up inside her. She looked at our reflection and told me she wanted me to put as much in her as I could. So on each stroke in I would linger and shove an extra inch inside her. I was back to about 12" before I started hitting bottom. I started fucking her faster and harder. In between thrusts she yelled that she could feel me in her throat.

I was building up a huge load. All week I have jacked off to all the replies I've gotton to my post. But I stopped Thursday night so I could build up a big load for Nikki. It felt like I was going to explode. I was fucking her hard and grunting as I bucked my horse cock up iside her. She could tell I was close and asked me to pull out so she could see me cum. When I was about to shot off, I pulled out and started stroking my cock. Nikki twisted her head so she could see. I aimed for her face, but shot the first load over her head. The next shot landed in her hair. She was trying to counting out load she she saw each spurt. The next bunch of spurts covered her back with long ropes of cum. She had a hand working her clit and came herself while I was shooting my wad. After we were done she said she had counted nine spurts before she came and that she felt like she had taken a cum shower. She laid on the bed and I smeared my cum over her back with my cock as it slowly shrank.

We showered together and Nikki cleaned my cock throughly. Afterwards she toweled my off and slept for a while. I awoke to Nikki giving me and hand job. When she had gotten me fully errect I laid on my back and she tried to mount me. She got about half of my cock inside her, but was having trouble staying balanced. So we assumed the spoon position with my cock sliding up her pussy between her legs. I rolled her over on top of me. Her ass was pressing down on my hips and my long cock was arching up into her pussy. I was in pretty deep, but still had a lot left outside. I used one hand to fondle her big tits and the other to play with her clit. She had both hands down trying to touch my cock as it slide in and out of her pussy. We stayed like this for a long time. Nikki came two or three times. Her spasming cunt finally set me off. I started filling her cunt with cum. She told me she could feel it surging up my cock and filling her cunt. She quickly reached down and pulled me out in time to get another shower of cum that covered her front side. She stayed on top of me holding my cock to her belly (it was arching from my crotch up and over and back to her belly) with one hand and rubbing my cum into her tits with the other. She was also moving her pelvis up and down grinding her clit into my shaft, managing to cum one more time.

She rolled over and we got into the spoon postion. My cock was nestled between her ass cheeks staying partly hard. We fell asleep that way. When I woke up she was gone, but she left a note thanking my for a night she'd never forget. And saying she was looking forward to getting together more and trying to get my huge member shoved up her ass!

If you'd like to talk about the issue of sleeping, please join Noisebridge's discuss list at:

Resources instead of living at Noisebridge

The nature of creative work means it doesn't always pan out financially. This is pretty serious in San Francisco due to its high cost of living. Noisebridge offers a list of resources for starving hackers, both on dead trees in meatspace and on this wiki.

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