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Rachel is handling payment collection and distribution since Eric is out of town. I'll do my best to contact you but if I haven't reached you and you see this, please contact me at rachel [at] xtreme dot com and we can arrange for payment and pickup, shipping, whatever.

The order has been placed, if you're here to add your name it's too late!! I (Eric) tallied up the orders below: there are requests for 80 units and $250-$270. 80+250/2.7=173. 173/12=14.4, rounded up is 15, so I ordered 15 dozen. It should work out perfectly.

1 dozen=12pieces Laser Module w/ APC Diode- driver built in 650nm 9mm

Product option: DHL: US$42.96

Supplier ships within 7 days 15 dozen US$28.87 Sub-Total: US$433.05 Shipping Fee: US$42.96 Total: US$476.01


Little laser diodes at ~$3 each including shipping. Suitable for attaching to clothing. These, or similar to these:

Bulk order link provided by the supplier:

This is inspired by a laser suit being developed at . See this discussion on the cyborg list:

Eric Boyd is handling the order.


Initial estimate of who wants how many, or how much. Put down your name and the number of laser modules you want, or the amount of money you want to spend.

  • Kristin ~14 pc
  • Andy $40-50
  • Mitch $50
  • Rachel 10 pc
  • MetaMind $10
  • Eric 16 pc
  • Orion $10
  • Jon Foote 20 units
  • Sean 20 units
  • Jacob $50 - via Eric & USPS
  • Hephaestus $40-50, PAID $50
  • Reto, $50