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Used for:
Used for:
* Accessing  
* Accessing multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+)
=== Noisebridge Main Twitter Account ===
=== Noisebridge Main Twitter Account ===

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What this group is about[edit]

The Social Media Working Group (SocialMediaWG) hacks on Noisebridge's social media infrastructure, including the infrastructure and content.

When this group meets[edit]

We have no regularly scheduled meeting times at this moment.

Where this group can be contacted[edit]

  • Slack Channel: #socialmedia
  • Twitter Handle: @noisebridge

Who's in the WG[edit]

Nym Contact Skills Focus in WG
Beka / Rebecca Valentine Slack: @beka, Twitter: @beka_valentine, beka@gothdyke.mom Coding, Making Content Social Media Tool (SMT), Noisebytes, backend infra for non-WG users of social media, random cool tweets

What's being worked on[edit]

These are the areas of NB, pieces of infrastructure, tools, etc. that this WG is hacking on, including the tools that constitute the WG itself (eg email addresses).

Working Group Email[edit]

Email Address: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com

Email Provider: gmail

Recovery email: secretary@noisebridge.net

Used for:

  • Account emails for all other services when possible
  • Contact
  • Recovery email for nbtwtesting@gmail.com

nbtwtesting Email[edit]

Email Address: nbtwtesting@gmail.com

Email Provider: gmail

Recovery Email: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com

Used for:

  • Email address for @nbtwtesting Twitter account

Github Organization[edit]

Organization name: Noisebridge Social Media WG / NoisebridgeSocialMediaWG

Organization page: https://github.com/NoisebridgeSocialMediaWG

Used for:

  • Hosting git repos of various WG tools, etc.

Buffer Account[edit]

Login Name: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com (old: noisebridge@gmail.com)

Email: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com (old: noisebridge@gmail.com)

Used for:

  • Accessing multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+)

Noisebridge Main Twitter Account[edit]

Handle: @noisebridge

Email: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com

Used for:

  • General Twitter stuff
  • Contact

Noisebridge Testing Twitter Account[edit]

Wiki page: NBTWTesting

Handle: @nbtwtesting

Email: nbtwtesting@gmail.com

Used for:

  • Testing Twitter API stuff
  • Most people can use this! This is not just for internal stuff! If you need to build a Twitter thing for your project, get in touch, we'll happily share the PW so you don't have to set up your own for testing purposes.

YouTube Channel[edit]

Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6oE60rGWqFynD34ielQzxA

Used for:

  • All YouTube things
  • Target for Noisebytes uploads

Noisebridge Social Media Server (TODO!!!)[edit]

Hosting Provider: Digital Ocean

Username: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com

Email: noisebridge.social.media.wg@gmail.com

Used for:

  • Hosting video processing software for Noisebytes
  • Hosting the Social Media Tool / SMT

Noisebytes Uploader[edit]

Wiki page: Noisebytes

YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKeFAK1EcPdp-lnptPyCe_pdvU2T4JR6H

Hosted on: Pegasus


Used for:

  • Processing and uploading videos to the Noisebytes playlist on YouTube


  • Currently hosted on Pegasus and needs to be moved over to the WG's server when thats up and running

Social Media Tool / SMT[edit]

Wiki page: SocialMediaTool

Slack Interface: slash commands starting with /smt

Github repo: https://github.com/NoisebridgeSocialMediaWG/noisebridge-social-media-tool

Used for:

  • Slack interface to various social media accounts to manage content without needing to have full administrator access


  • Currently hosted on beka's private droplet, needs to be moved over to the WG's servers once those are up