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Best practices ! -- link to them and consolidate
Signs! --- people are putting up different signs, talked to daravinne
about entry hall much more polished and specifically wall and bulletin
board, making it a welcome banner
   -- what is noisebridge
   -- clear donation money spot
   -- QR codes to sign up on the mailing list
   -- spend on our money i
   aestetix: how about an orientation, scavenger hunt?
   liz: making a guided tour
   google docs
   warren: could scan in and save the comments

Ramone's idea of a sentry -- a night shift crew (responsible adult)
       -- not a sentry
       -- a goto poster

People who will commit to check in early in the morning -- not just Al.
   --- send an email, cc: list of people

Request free school stop classes
Last person closing the space
Anonymous reporting hotline/web form

Phone tree
Panic Button/ Panic Noise

Creating hacker livingspaces nearby, encouraging people to join
   - elements hotel, $40 a night


Diff for the kitchen
Will mentioned stairways
scavenger hunt
strips of lights -- mct
noiseatnight --- XX mitch + robert
sleep page
infrared sensor
apps for smartphones - upload videos take minute timelapse
noisebridge -- how not to sleep at noisebridge

* twitter -- noisebridge

within a month of 83c, somebody fell asleep - drew penises on them
some disagreement about whether they were penises