Software Reverse Engineering Workshop

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Software Reverse Engineering Workshop

What is it?

Warning: this page is under construction and subject to change, since the workshop is still in planning stages.

Recognizing a broad interest in reversing, we are pulling together our expertise and enthusiasm for taking things apart and giving an overview. Basics of cutting edge tools, and techniques will be covered with question and answer. See prerequisites.

Snacks will be served, so please RSVP.

When and Where does it happen?

Friday, May 22nd and 7:30PM.

Why are we doing this?

  • Reverse engineering offers an insight into how the computer functions (educational)
  • We can check out the limitations of current tools, and get new ideas for projects
  • Sometimes you don't have the source code!
  • etc

How can I participate?

Email Obscurite (Daniel) or send a message to the list stating whether you'd like to attend or somehow assist with a presentation or tutorial of some sort.

Workshop Prerequisites

To get the most out of this workshop you should:

  • Understand the basic x86 opcodes and be able to read basic assembler
  • Understand the concepts of the x86 frame and stack


Here we will put tutorials or preparatory materials for your convenience...

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