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Mitch wants to teach a soldering workshop


You can learn to solder! Soldering is a basic skill for just about all electronics projects. If you've never soldered before, this workshop will give you the confidence to solder in about two hours. If you want to learn how to solder better, this workshop will show you how. If you have soldered before, this workshop will teach you to solder surface mount parts with confidence.

Learn by doing! I will have fun kits to learn with. For total newbies (and those interested), I will have kits for Trippy RGB Lights a trippy mood light using Red, Green, and Blue LEDs (scroll down from the link for more info). For more experienced people I will have a surface mount project (yet TBD -- but it will be fun!). You will be able to take your completed project home with you. If you prefer, feel free to bring your own soldering project.


My teaching time is free of charge, but the kits cost $20 each. Feel free to bring your own soldering project if you prefer (no charge for this).

Time and Place

TBD -- 25 or 26 October

Expressions of Interest

Add your name to the list here if you'd be interested in participating! Don't worry — we won't hold you to it.