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== '''On-line stores:''' ==
== '''On-line stores:''' ==
[|DigiKey Corp.]
[ DigiKey Corp.]
[|Mouser Electronics]
[ Mouser Electronics]
[ YourDuino Low-Cost Parts]
== '''Other lists:''' ==
== '''Other lists:''' ==

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[edit] Local pick up:

[edit] Chain stores:

[edit] Frys:


Palo Alto



San Jose

[edit] Radio Shack:

Store Finder

Three closest to NoiseBridge

2710 MISSION ST Phone: (415) 824-5090

4049 24TH ST Phone: (415) 285-3300

POTRERO CENTER 2300 16TH ST STE 255 Phone: (415) 431-8572

[edit] Ham Radio Outlet:

Main site

Oakland store


[edit] Local:

Jameco: On-line store with will-call pick-up in San Mateo

Al Lashers Electronics -

Weird stuff: Surplus and used... everything, but mostly computers


[edit] Flea-market/Swap-meets:

Livermore Amateur Radio Klub -

Electronics Flea Market @ De Anza College -

[edit] On-line stores:

DigiKey Corp.

Mouser Electronics

YourDuino Low-Cost Parts

[edit] Other lists:

(Sunny) California Swaps and Stores -

Sci.Electronics -

Electronics (Including Surplus) -

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