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Here ye, here ye, here ye; in recognition of teh 2nd Saturday Electronics Flea Market (

There will be an envoy of hackers in a van heading thru the south bay prior to the crack'o dawn.

A monthly pilgrimage thru the south bay to gather fresh seasonal artisional bespoke bits and bobs. Below is information to create your own treck or catch a ride at any point with User:Ⅹ

You can also take Caltrain to/from Mountain View, Lawrence or Tamien and catch a ride from there. The earliest South Bound train gets to Lawrence at 09:40.

Tune in and catch the action at a frequency of 462.6125Mhz (FRS/GMRS)


  • 04:21 Depart Bayfair for De Anza College
  • 05:00-07:30 Electronics Flea Market
  • 07:30-08:00 Transit to Caltrains
  • 08:00-09:00 Breakfast and/or more flea
  • 09:00-00:00 HSC Halted
  • 09:30-00:00 Weird Stuff Warehouse
  • 10:00-00:00 Excess Solutions
  • 10:00-00:00 Anchor Electronics
  • 11:00-Noon Transit to Bayfair

Shoppe'n List[edit]

  • 5Ghz Antennie w/SMA Connectors (min * 5) (HSC/WSW)
  • Photo Key Chains (WSW)
  • USB Headset (WSW)
  • BlueTooth Headset (WSW)
  • Analog Tube Frequency Generator (Flea)


If you're interested in a ride, or driving yourself, please add yourself, when/where you want to jump on/off and contact info.

  • Pilot:
  • Co-Pilot: @mister_name
  • Back Seat 1: _______
  • Back Seat 2: _______
  • Squeeze Seat: ______


There's some pretty great stuff in the South Bay, in particular there is a load of stuff to hit up on any given Saturday, and if you're especially interested in starting off your 2nd Saturday of the month at the crack of dawn, you can add the Electronics Flea Market to your list.


Previous Trips[edit]

Scouting mission Saturday April 8th 2017[edit]

Stup!d Sh!T Tour Saturday May 15th 2017[edit]

Teh 3rd annual Stupid Shit That No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon is coming this weekend, in preperation I'll be making a monthly pilgrimage thru the south bay to gather fresh seasonal artisional bespoke bits and bobs.